Thursday, November 19, 2009

What A day!

So today was one packed full, fun, adventure of a day! Now normal Rachel 5 weeks ago would have told you that a day like today would be a no big deal kind of thing, but we climbed mountains! haha

started off going to the doc for Kates 1 month appt! Can you believe it! Where we finally hit the 7lbs mark!! I WAS SOO EXCITED!! (this is going to be a long blog so you guys hold on to your seats) You guys have to know the story of the 7lbs. about two weeks ago we went to the doctor for her 2 week check up. She was under her weight, and I was SUPER discouraged. Breastfeeding was not coming as well for me as I thought it would, but I am and was determined to get it to work! Anyways, we are sitting there in the docs office after her weight was read, and this sweet nurse D'Wanna comes in to do a test where they prick their little heels and have to put dots of blood on a piece of paper for something...long story short, I start crying, and this little nurse thinks that I am crying because I thought she was hurting Kate, little did she know I was just so discouraged! So she sat with me and asked me what was going on and then proceeded to help me with Kate and her latching. It was such a God thing, she was the lactation specialist in the practice, and she just happened to be there doing this test! Well so basically she saved us! WE came back that next wednesday and then on friday and Kate was up over her birth weight which was great! So then for this check up we were wanting her to be a little over 7, but I am happy with 7!! She is in porportion with her size, but as of right now, she is 7lbs, 20 inches long! Its all very exciting, D'Wanna came in and we had a little 7lbs party! It was great!

Then Kate and I headed off for our day, its getting colder around here, and while this child has TONS of clothes NONE of them really fit her. I have 3 longsleeve onesies that fit and everything else pretty much falls right off, so we were off to the places I have gift cards too, Target and Babys R Us. Went and picked up a list of dog sitters at our vet and went to the post office. Kate slept and was super happy the whole time! It was fantastic! So as we are driving home after getting some super cute little clothes from Babys R Us, I am unloading the car and realize, I have the baby, baby bag, target bag, NO Babys R Us bag! Im officially a forgetful mother, I left the bag of our goodies in the cart in the parking back in the car we go to see if maybe just maybe its still there...but let me tell you how awkward I looked pulling up to the cart holder deal, getting out of my car walking over to cart, grabbing out the bag and getting back in the car...there were at least 4 people watching me and I know they all thought I looked crazy!

So then we get home and that was our productive day! I even got some photography in! It was great! So hopefully tomorrow will be somewhat productive as well!

OH and because Kate is a little bigger, I tried on one of her newborn sleepers that was HUGE On her last week and today IT FITS!! IT FITS!! My little pookie bear can fit in her little bear pj's!! So exciting!!

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