Friday, April 23, 2010


So yesterday she got her 6 month shots and she did SO great! She just cried a tiny she has not been in the best of moods today, and she is just wanting her momma right now, which lets me know that she isnt feeling to hott, but she is still doing well! And she is such a Chunker! She weighs 17.7 lbs!! and She is 26 inches long!

Man, Can you guys believe it! the little one who could never gain weight is doing it like crazy now! She also is eating her cereal just a little better, and today we tried some peas and rice...and I think she liked it...I think she was pretty confused about it. I would make a big smiley face and tell her how good it was and she would take it and then make a face like it was the most disgusting thing she had ever had! haha it was hilarious! I videoed it but I cant upload for some reason...booo

But the other day we got some Sunglasses from Granny Rhea and they were HILARIOUS!! Here are some pics! its like john lennon meets sunshine happy face!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I cant believe it! My little tiny baby is now Big and plump and 6 MONTHS OLD!! She is soooo amazing! and I cant believe how much she is changing Each day. I hope some day she will be able to look at this blog and see all the funny stories, but truly I cant wait for her to see how much We loved every moment of her growing up.

She is just truly the best! she is so close to crawling its rediculous, so brace yourselves people she will be scooting around soon! But in light of her having a half birthday, I am going to use this blog post to get a little gushy...

Katers, you have truly changed my life, but like nothing you will ever know. I hate waking up early, but knowing that I go in and the first thing I get is your little smile has changed me to LOVE the mornings...i wasnt a big fan of spit up and things, but now that you have literally spit up on me every day since you were born, I look at it as your way of Saying I love you mommy! Thanks for taking care of me! your little gooing and babbling is great! You are soo ready to say things to me, and you are already a hard worker. You have mastered tummy time, and soon enough you are going to be scooting around this place. And Ive noticed lately at what a pleaser you are! I pray that it doesnt consume you, but I know that your little sweet spirit is going to only blossom and I cant wait to see it! You just know when to be a good baby, and I love that about you. (except in restaurants)

You just make my life SO much sweeter, and I am so thankful that the Lord found me and your daddy right to raise you! With the Lord leading our hearts we pray that you only grow to be in Love with Him! I cant wait for the next 6 months! I know you are going to be Such a different baby by then! Love you Katers! Happy Half Birthday!

These are the bluebonnet pics!

Monday, April 19, 2010

best baby...

Every day I am reminded how AMAZING Kate is! She is truly the BEST baby EVER! today she was super fun and let me work on some pics that Had to be edited and she played on the floor and in her exersaucer like a big girl! Then she went down for a nap, not where I was holding her the whole time, she let me put her in her bed!! This is a BIG deal people! BIG DEAL!! She is getting SO big!!

As I write this I see that is 1:30...this time 6 months (OMG I CANT BELIEVE IT) ago I was doing my hair getting ready to go start having my little baby. Life was So different then...I am so blessed to have her, and its her half birthday! Love you Katers!

Here are some more pics from this weekend...oh and dont judge me, all these pics were taken with my handy dandy iphone

Sunday, April 18, 2010

doing dallas!

We had a great, BUSY weekend in dallas! But it was VERY fun! Katers and I came in for a photo shoot friday night, which was super fun and you guys will have to check my other blog for that later. But then the weekend was full of seeing great friends and family. Of course we saw my momma and chip, and Daddy and Kelly...then the next morning we saw Charlie, Sara and Jessica some of my dear friends from WAY back in the day...I have known sara sense I was like 3 or something crazy, Charlie I have known since like 1st grade, and Jessica came a little later I think when I was in 8th grade? I dont know...needless to say I have known them FOREVER! and LOVE THEM dearly! They just know me sooo well...we always have a good here are some pics of us at the Rusty Taco...SO GOOD!

Side note: When Kate was born Charlie and our friend Tyler were oh so sweet and made this little onesie with their faces on it, and it said I love my two daddies! And they made this SUPER sweet DVD that I definitly cried at when I watched it, and laughed SUPER hard at...but anyways...I had her in the onesie on saturday, on greenville, just picture this, Charlie in the gayborhood with three women and a baby with a huge bow on her head and he was holding her pretty much the whole time, and He was wearing designer jeans...lets just put it this way, a whole table looked at us and gave us the Way To Go nod! It was HILARIOUS!! Loved it! Another great time and great memory for our little group to go down in the books! hahaha

Love you guys ALOT

more pics from the weekend tomorrow! Oh and I have blue bonnett pics from the weekend before! you are all going to DIE!! They are sooo cute!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

some old pics...

I was uploading the pics from my phone today and I cam across some of my favorites. We went to Tyler about a month ago, and we were wasting some time at the park, and this is what I got.

I just love them!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

the day they left...

So the day g-ma and Papa left we had another milestone! We ate some cereal! It was a tranny hott mess! (haha sorry too much project runway) but truly. Im not to sure if we are quite ready for the cereal...she was a little confused and didnt really eat much of it, more of it was on her than in her. so there it is...we also had some song time with papa which was an ongoing event through out the here is poppa's picture line up...and then the ending pics of the g-parents with the katers.

WE had such a blast! love you guys!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

last week...

So like I had said before Nicks parents were here last week, and we had such a great time! We really didnt do much but hang out, which come to find out is exactly what they were wanting to do.

We did a little swimming, papa took her around the pool and taught her about all the fun things, we sang songs, we went shopping, we made silly faces...there were so many memories made! I hope that we get to see them sooner than later. They are such great grandparents and Kate is so sweet with them. Cant wait for them to come back!

Here are pics from the week!

Monday, April 5, 2010


So one of the reasons why I havent been blogging lately is because The Robinsons were in town! We had SUCH a great time, and in the next couple of days I will be showing you what a great time we all had. But because they are not able to be here and see Kate every day like we wish they could, G-Ma and Papa were determined to get some milestones in, and this last week we REALLY did!!

Kate is at that age, where she is truly doing something new and great every day, every hour! Its amazing! So this last week, G-Ma read her so many books. She Rolled over by herself, she starting scooting towards things, and she ate her first little bit of Rice Cereal...and like I said there will be more to come!

For now here is g-ma with baby reading, and one special pic that I love, it looks as though Kate is like a teddy bear getting a great big hug! Love it!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I passed up my mom...

So Nicks Mom and I were at this Really fun Place called Charming Charlies, and in the back there was an outfit that truly Called out to us, and well Im just going to let this speak for its self....but you should know that I hung it over Kates changing table and every time I would change her, she would get super excited and start flailing about! It was fabulous!!


But it was pretty funny...I sent my mom a pic of this, and her qoute was, "for someone who Hated bows when you were little...I think you have even out done me!" I cant believe I let myself get there, but I cant help it! Look at how cute!! haha


Happy Easter Everybody!!

This last week Nicks Parents were here, and we had a blast! (more pics on that later) But today was Easter, we got in some new Easter Clothes and went to church, and maybe because I was so busy getting Kate ready or making sure everything was ready to go, but Easter just didnt feel right until later this afternoon when I was sitting around editing pictures. Its quite Amazing how the Lord just came down here dealt with all of our crazies and still loved us enough Die for us. THEN he goes and comes back to life! ARE you kidding me! Every year I am still amazed that He loves me and US SO much! Thank you Lord for continually loving me. I pray that this year, I continue to remember that, and not get too busy with the things that truly dont matter.

But in the essence of americanized Easter and things that dont is Katers in her super sweet Easter Dress...there really isnt anything better than a baby at Easter!

Oh and just so everyone knows there have been MAJOR things going on in this little ones life...again more to come later...but She is starting to sit up All by herself...and she is doing this smile now where she just opens up her mouth SUPER here you go!