Monday, July 30, 2012

5 months...almost 6

so my sweet little baby is becoming a big baby right before my eyes!! She is almost 6 months old and I truly cant believe how fast it has gone! Im still blown away that God would bless us with such a sweet and pretty baby again, but He did! And I am grateful! Right now she is sitting up, playing alot and started giggling ALOT at her sister. Kate can make her laugh like its her job. Its the cutest thing ever. She is drooling A TON! and just being real sweet. I started feeding her cereal this week, so next week I think I am going to try to make some real live baby food for this babe! so we will see how that goes.

Kate is doing awesome! I think the older Harper gets the more exciting she thinks it is to have a sister. When H started sitting up I would put her on the bed and Kate made up a game called "timberonthebed" and yes she says it as though it is one and basically H sits on the bed and when she falls over kate yells TIMBER and then she herself falls over! its really sweet!! She is also talking LIKE crazy and picking up things that are SO funny! We have been on a Toy Story kick here lately, so she has started to pick up lines from it, and one of her faves is to salute and say Yes Sir Mommy or Yes Sir Daddy! Its hilarious! The first time she did it nick and I were so amazed, we were like we have the smartest child ever, then we saw that it was on Buzz and Woody and realized where she got it! Its just a fun time here in the Robbi house, the girls are awesome and we love EVERY minute!

Enjoy some impromptu pics I took after church yesterday!

H is 4 months old!

Baby is 4 months old and I truly can say time has FLOWN by.  She is rolling a little, cooing ALOT, smiling sweet smiles, loving her sis. She is also still not sleeping through the night so we are going to get some self soothing going on soon, cause lets be honest momma gotta sleep!

But we are embarking soon on my most favorite time of babydom! I will say all the stages are pretty fantastic, but from about 6 months to 18 months, I feel like its baby bliss time, and I am SUPER stoked to get started with this one. To learn her little personality, to see how the differences from her sis continue, to see how they are alike, and most of all to see them play! I cant wait for that day! So far I think she is going to be my social bug. She likes to be around people and just be there. She is pretty content to just sit and watch, and well with a busy big around its not like its boring around here. Kate is just such a hoot and a handful at the same time.

We had probably our largest craziest fit to date on tuesday, it couldnt have been a stranger fit too, there really wasnt one thing that spured it on, she just freaked and wouldnt stop. It was a great moment in the middle of the play date that Julie and I had planned, my daughter going CRAZY! Lets preface this fiasco, sunday night, the first night I was home alone with both girls I sat down with my journal (which I havent written in in about 3 years) and wrote to God, like I did in college, everything, from my anxieties to my fears to my goals, and mostly about how this next week would either kill me and my kids or make me a stronger better mother. And Monday morning I woke up refreshed and ready to conquer. I then monday night did the same thing and at 430 tuesday morning my sweet Kate came down to see me and cuddle, which then turned into her coughing and throwing up on me! it was awesome. After getting her cleaned up and back in bed around 545 and Harper fed at 6 and then me back on the couch for some sleep (a nap) when 930 came Kate was in a great mood and ready to play with friends. Well little did I know that truly meant this day is going to rock your world mommy and you will need your Lord. And thats exactly what it was. I dont know how mommies out there do it with out Him. All day yesterday I just would pray, and ask for patience that I didnt have. Or just comfort that I was loving her well. we got through the day just fine, no one died, and there were some great moments in there, but WOAH with the fits. I have to figure out how to make them STOP! SO any advice is needed and wanted!

As far as amazing things that she has done, well we are twirling all the time now, and you all know me and my girlyness LOVE to twirl.  I think its my favorite because most of the time she comes up somewhere very weird and silly and says "mommy, gotta twirl" and of course WE TWIRL! She is also picking up on everything I Say again and she has started saying, "Youve gotta be kidding me mommy" and its perfect timing too! Today we got popsicles and I told her we had to wait and eat them at home, and she looks at me all cute and funny and says, "mommy, yougottabekiddingme" Ill have to get it on video because it sounds like its all one word when she does it. CRACKS ME UP! But thats the latest, we miss daddy big time, and she knows Iam missing him too and to rub it in whenever she gets in trouble and has to go to time out she wails, I MISS MY DADDY!!! and of course I feel awful, because i miss him too.sorry no pics, check facebook :)