Wednesday, November 25, 2009

too funny!

so she is taking a nap yesterday, and I turn to look at her, and well...ONE MeeeeLLiyyooON DOLLARS! Come on how silly is my super cute daughter!

The last couple of days...

So here we are again..BEHIND on posting! I am so sorry!

a couple of funny stories to catch you guys up....I get the funny bad mom award for this first one...I was getting the house ready for friends coming over and Nicks little sis Kayli coming to town, but Kate needed a bottle...I was a little conflicted, so in my fast and educated thinking I thought....this beautiful 5 week old baby can hold her bottle on her own right? bad mom? or creative mom?

and second story, our good friend Chris Muse got brave yesterday and after again 5 WHOLE WEEKS, He HELD kate by himself! we are so proud of him! Love ya Chris! you are the greatest! oh and we got so excited that we took a group pic! So fun!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


So Yes I am a day late in posting, BUT she was still A whole month old yesterday!! That means tuesday, my little one is going to be 5 WEEKS old!! I cant even believe its been that long. Its true what they say though, each week gets a little bit easier, and I am feeling like 100 times better with each week under my belt.

But in tradition with her bday pictures, I have to do something rediculous! And now that Kate is finally fitting into her Newborn clothes, yes thats what I said her newborn clothes, we put on pants and shoes yesterday!! Its a big deal for mommy, because its SO stinkin cute! I mean come on look at those little shoes and tell me thats not SO CUTE!

Anyways, she is also starting to really follow peoples faces, and as I am writing this she is watching and grabbing onto my arm, and I swear that yesterday, during one of her awake times she really Smiled at me! Not just a gassy smile like she has done before, but a real like mommy your funny smile! I mean it hasnt happened again, but we are working hard for it to happen MANY more times...its so great, she is going to be So smart! haha I am a little biased :)

Love you guys! Happy Birthday My Little Kate, we love you so much!

Needless to say, she was not too happy about these pictures, but the little hat was TOO funny, and we incorporated a more mature cupcake this time around!

note: thanks to courtney for making us ADORABLE garland for a shower, that I have now turned upside down to make a party hat for an infant. I know thats exactly what they were meant for!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

What A day!

So today was one packed full, fun, adventure of a day! Now normal Rachel 5 weeks ago would have told you that a day like today would be a no big deal kind of thing, but we climbed mountains! haha

started off going to the doc for Kates 1 month appt! Can you believe it! Where we finally hit the 7lbs mark!! I WAS SOO EXCITED!! (this is going to be a long blog so you guys hold on to your seats) You guys have to know the story of the 7lbs. about two weeks ago we went to the doctor for her 2 week check up. She was under her weight, and I was SUPER discouraged. Breastfeeding was not coming as well for me as I thought it would, but I am and was determined to get it to work! Anyways, we are sitting there in the docs office after her weight was read, and this sweet nurse D'Wanna comes in to do a test where they prick their little heels and have to put dots of blood on a piece of paper for something...long story short, I start crying, and this little nurse thinks that I am crying because I thought she was hurting Kate, little did she know I was just so discouraged! So she sat with me and asked me what was going on and then proceeded to help me with Kate and her latching. It was such a God thing, she was the lactation specialist in the practice, and she just happened to be there doing this test! Well so basically she saved us! WE came back that next wednesday and then on friday and Kate was up over her birth weight which was great! So then for this check up we were wanting her to be a little over 7, but I am happy with 7!! She is in porportion with her size, but as of right now, she is 7lbs, 20 inches long! Its all very exciting, D'Wanna came in and we had a little 7lbs party! It was great!

Then Kate and I headed off for our day, its getting colder around here, and while this child has TONS of clothes NONE of them really fit her. I have 3 longsleeve onesies that fit and everything else pretty much falls right off, so we were off to the places I have gift cards too, Target and Babys R Us. Went and picked up a list of dog sitters at our vet and went to the post office. Kate slept and was super happy the whole time! It was fantastic! So as we are driving home after getting some super cute little clothes from Babys R Us, I am unloading the car and realize, I have the baby, baby bag, target bag, NO Babys R Us bag! Im officially a forgetful mother, I left the bag of our goodies in the cart in the parking back in the car we go to see if maybe just maybe its still there...but let me tell you how awkward I looked pulling up to the cart holder deal, getting out of my car walking over to cart, grabbing out the bag and getting back in the car...there were at least 4 people watching me and I know they all thought I looked crazy!

So then we get home and that was our productive day! I even got some photography in! It was great! So hopefully tomorrow will be somewhat productive as well!

OH and because Kate is a little bigger, I tried on one of her newborn sleepers that was HUGE On her last week and today IT FITS!! IT FITS!! My little pookie bear can fit in her little bear pj's!! So exciting!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Da Jorge

So the day has come...Georgie is just too much for us to have in our lives anymore. Its a sad day, because he is such a sweet great dog, but we are need for him to go to someone else. If you guys know ANY one who would like a dog like George Please send them our way! He truly is the best dog, its just too much for us to have both dogs and our little Kate. He is great with babies and other dogs....And I know if he could get to a home where they could take him on walks daily and play with him, he would be like WORLDS best dog! We just truly dont have the time or place for him anymore.

Just a little background on our Georgie...I found him about 2 years ago on the side of the road coming home from Sky ranch, he was about 4 months old, it was of course raining and he was dodging traffic on 110. SO I got out of my car to see if he would even come to me, and he jumped right in the car...I had full intentions on taking him to the SPCA the next morning, but Nick wouldnt have it. From then on we have LOVED George! He is sweet as pie, loving and just an all around great dog, He just needs more than we can give right now, he is great with other dogs and baby kate, and pretty much any kids. He is around 2 years old, we know that he has Black Lab in him, and I think a little bit of Collie he weighs around 65-70 lbs, has had all his shots, hes been fixed, Hes potty trained...he can sit! haha oh and he knows how to go to his bed!

Let me know if any of you know anyone who might like our little George!! my number is 407.342.8768

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Im so in love...

so everyday I cuddle and sleep and love this little bundle. There are truly no words. Right now I cant sleep, and she will wake up pretty soon for her next feeding, so I am just letting her lay her sweet head on my chest, I love to hear her breathe and stretch and make her tiny funny noises. Its something that is so wonderful and crazy at the same time. I now understand the Love that my mom and dad always talked about with us. I just love her more than anything, and when she is peaceful and sleeping so sweetly, I cant do anything but thank the Lord for entrusting me with this gift. I pray that I do Him justice, I pray that Nick and I can lead her to be a woman of God, to love everyone around her the way they need to be loved, and just to have great discernment and wisdom, a kind heart and really honestly just Love for everything around her.

4 Weeks!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! It has officially been 4 weeks since I first laid eyes on my new love, and let me tell you, its been a whirl wind! And I know its only going to go faster as the year plays on. I was thinking today, we are going to Florida for Christmas! WOO HOO!! but I was thinking when we get there she will be 8 Weeks OLD! Crazy! To think she was just a little sugar bean but a day ago and she is already growing up so fast! NOT COOL!

I mean really she already looks sooo different!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Things are looking up...

Nick has an interview on sunday with a Methodist Church in Kingwood, TX. Its Kingwood UMC, and its for the youth worship leader and small group leader. We are so encouraged to have an interview so close to the Willow thing, that if anything, that is exactly what this is, Encouragment! But it could also be something wonderful as well!

When he came home tonight, after some great Taco soup, and a nice walk outside in the some what winter weather! We went over some worship songs and sang together with our little Kate. It was one of those times that I pray we have more of. #1 I love Worshiping the lord. #2 I love LOVE watching nick play the guitar and sing to the Lord. and #3 After having Kate, worshiping is so much more emotional for me. Before she was born and we would go to church or nick would play the guitar and sing, she would go crazy in there, and then to be able as a family to sit and sing to the Lord with a little girl who will hopefully enjoy it too, is just so great! I love love love it!

So please pray for again the Lord's ultimate guidance and wisdom with this interview. We pray that He only shows us what He wants us to do and where He wants us to be.

Love you guys!

Heres a sweet sleeping pic...

Blogs are Addictive....

SO I have never had the time til lately to just Serf the web, but with feedings and things of that sort, I find that I am on the internet more. With that, my creative DIY side has come out full swing! There are SO many great fun cute blogs out there with Do it yourself stuff that is really REALLY cute! I found too that it makes me want to get out our christmas stuff and deck the halls!

I wish that thanksgiving was sooner, so that I could put up our Christmas...

I am so happy to be excited about Christmas this year! Last year was a little hard for many reasons going on in my family, and Christmas truly was not anything I even participated in last year. It felt like a daze...but through the year there has been a lot of healing and repairing or hearts, that my love for Christmas is BACK! And I think with our little one, I just want it to be that much more spectacular!! Here is one of the super fun ideas that I found for an advent calendar! I love a good advent! WE had them every year, and Mary Trimble would always get us a cool one to open up each christmas, it was something I will never forget! I loved the candy for each day and the fun picture or saying, it was always so exciting!

With this one I can put candy in some, verses in others, etc. If you want to know how to make it though go to this super cute blog

And here is our little version of Rudolph, keep in mind this is the before christmas version, so that thanksgiving doesnt get its feelings too hurt!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Real Baby day...

so when this whole thing started I always heard from people how much laundry I would have, how many times Kate would mess up or throw up on something and make it impossible for me to keep her in the same outfit almost all day! So when Kate came into our lives, I was ready, we have TONS of clothes, 1000 blankets, wash rags everything ready for use...because evidently babies are CRAZY messy! Well until today lets just say I havnt had a messy child. She seemed to keep her throw up to a minimum, she kept her poo in her diaper, and she didnt pee too much on the changing table without a diaper.

As I said...UNTIL today! it was just funny! we went through at least 4 onesies, because she peed on two, pooped on another and then threw up SO big that I had to change her out of another. we went through 3 blankets, because yes they had either pee or a nice yellow poo color all over them, but we were good for socks! Socks stayed on her feet all day, and we only had to change them once!

Lets just say Nick and I got a good kick out of it. it was pretty funny, because really how can you get mad at this face! Come she just getting cuter! I think so!

Friday, November 13, 2009

My Momma Came to town!

So the last couple of weeks my momma has come to town for the day, and its been so wonderful having her each time. She comes in and cleans my house, and sits with Kate and me, and its just always A great Day! Its funny when Nick comes home afterwards, he is always so much happier because the house is soo pretty and smells so nice. Which makes it hard to see her go each time. I just love hanging out with my momma!

This time, she brought my mimi, her mom, Kate's Great Grandma Georgie! It was a great day! just sitting there with our grannys hangin out taking pictures and enjoying each other.

It was what I would call A Wonderful Day! Here are some sweet pics of our fun little day of sitting and staring at our little Kate.

love you guys!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

on a lighter note...

Today was bath day, and of course she did awesome!! Not a peep out of her, she is really getting to be more alert every day. Maybe I am just that mom, but I really see her actually Seeing me. Does that make sense? haha Well anywho we got a great present from a sweet friend (Tracey Bartula),and it was one of my most favorite things. Gotta love a little monster towel blanket thing. haha

Why dont they make these for us by the way! I would love a large towel with a little head lip that I can run around the house in, especially if it looked like this with a little monster face on it! Come on! we have the snuggie, why not have the towket. ok Ill work on the name, but I think this could really work!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

a dissapointment..

Nick has stood by me through many a disappointment in the last 3 1/2 years of our lives. He has had to be my leader and rock through many a trial and hopeless times for me. Today I have felt that burden for him. its weird to be on the other end. I hope I do as well for him as he always does for me.

The last 4 months we have been going through an interview process with WillowCreek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois. We met some incredible people, fell in love with the amazing church and all it does, the job seemed Absolutely perfect. Nick went up there twice for in house interviews, we looked at places to live, and we were pursued by one of the biggest and most prestigious churches in our time. Today we found out that we are not the right fit for this position.

Nick wanted it so bad. I wanted it so bad. I truly felt like the Lord was going to take us on an adventure. To be in that church would have been such a blessing, we knew it was going to be hard, but we knew that we could do it.

I, we know that the Lord has only something better laid out for us, but we are just so dissapointed. The process taught us SO many things, and I am afraid that after this we will be gaurding our hearts a little more than we had in the past. A sweet and dear friend of mine told me to read Lamentations 3, All of it she said, and so tonight I did. And this is what I will continue to rest in for our little family. Knowing that the Lord is sovereign and is working on taking care of us right now..

3:18 So I say, "My splendor is gone and all that I had hoped form the Lord." I remember my affliction and my wandering, the bitterness and the gall. I well remember them, and my soul is downcast within me. Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have hope: Because of the Lord's Great Love we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. I say to myself, "The Lord is my portion; Therefore I will wait for Him." The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks him. it is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord.

you should go read the whole was exactly what I needed.

Love you all!

My Mimi...

Yesterday the Rhea family had a scare. Our sweet Mimi had an A-Phib? I hope Im spelling that correctly. Her heart was just going too fast for her own good. I am so pleased to say that she is ok and steady...they are keeping her in the hospital for one more night to see if there are any changes or anything, but I know I have some major prayer warriors that check out my blog, so once more I am going to ask you guys to pray for her.

If you know her you know she is a wonderful woman of God, who keeps her relationship with the Lord close, she is such a fun, thoughtful and always there for you kind of lady! i have learned so many things from her through out the years, and I cant wait for Kate to get to know her better!

Mimi, We are so glad that you are feeling better today, and pray that you just get even better! Love you so much!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

some prayers needed...

Today is the day we find out about Chicago...We are both trying really hard to not be anxious and worried. There has been so much that we have learned about each other and our family through out this process, and if its something that works out, then it will be a different crazy time for our little family, an adventure that we will embark on...if its not where the Lord wants us to go then Nick will keep looking and we will keep praying for the right place to be. Its been hard for me to get to this place through out this process, being pregnant and a new mom through most of this, Its been hard to see it like "normal Rachel" would see it or hope to see it. Also there have just been so many unanswered will be nice to know after today what I am going to need to do with my photography, whether we can go to Florida for Christmas, and just little things like that that will answer those questions! SO Get ready for 4:30 everybody! Nick will have the phone call then and we will know shortly after. Please pray for the anxiousness of today to go away, and pray for guidance and wisdom as what to do whether we get the job or not.

We love you all so much! Thank you for caring about this time in our lives.


Ok so my little baby is THREE weeks old today!! Can you believe it, its been 3 Weeks!! She is looking older and more stout to me, She is getting to where she follows me with her eyes more, like she sort of knows what shes looking at, and she is of course only getting prettier as the days go by!

Today we had a fun day though, Poppa Rhea came down and we had a 3 Week Birthday Party! Of course I took some pictures that I would make fun of if I werent her mom, and on more occasions than not, I HAVE made fun of the moms who take such pictures, like with a cupcake, When you know good and well that the infant number one can not sit up by herself and two the infant can not hold a cupcake, and three we all know she didnt eat the cupcake, so why take such fictitious picture! Well I am here to say that I am sorry for ever making fun of those moms, and here are my silly infant "not real" pics!

I hope you guys enjoy!

Happy 3 Week Birthday Kate!

Now for a little sentimental time, I wanted to write a little something to my little Kate, You have been in our lives now for 3 weeks, and you have changed it for ever! I heard that you would change us, and what we are and think and everything, but until it has happened, I truly had no idea how much I could love something. How much I could care for a little being, and how much I would enjoy just little things that you do, the cooing, the fake smiles after you eat, the silly faces you make when you stretch, the sweet way you lay on my chest, or how I can comfort you in just way that makes you almost melt into my shoulder. The super tiny parts of you, those little feet, elbows, ears...I know that this time is going to go by so fast and you wont be tiny anymore, but I just love your little dainty self. I love you so much, and i can not wait to see you grow into the girl that the Lord will have you be! We love you so much Kate! Happy Birthday!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Dr. Appt

Today we had our little check up! She is progressing well, and the Dr. Said he is Very impressed with her growing! She is 19 inches long now, and when we got there she weighed in a little low at 6.10, but the doc sent in his lactation nurse and she helped me with some latching techniques and things, we weighed Kate one more time after the guided feeding, and she weighed 6.13!!

I cant tell you how discouraged I was when that first weight came across the table. Kate and I have been working so hard to get her weight up, and I am very sore and just a little sad that she was that low. After meeting with the specialist though she assured me that it does happen to ALOT of moms, and she told me that I have a problem with not letting people help me. Which I know is true. I just dont want to fail, but I guess I need to ask some questions and get some help in order to not do that. so Needless to say, after a tearful session with the specialist, and some new pointers, we weighed her again and she was up 4 oz! I Was SOOO excited!! and the little nurse was too! IT was so wonderful and what I needed! (the things I get excited about these days are hilarious) SO here we go again, going to feed and feed and feed until she is Crazy full! hopefully on wednesday when we go back to the specialist, she will weigh even more!

ANd this is her I dont want to go to the doctor, but I will because you are making me face! SHe is sooo cute! Love this little peanut!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

too long...

I know you guys are dying! Im so sorry its been 5 days since I last posted! NOT EXCEPTABLE!! here is what is going down. I have some great new pics of the little bambino with some great visitors and such, but my camera battery died, and I can not find my charger! its killing me! SO...Im in a bit of a pickle until I find the charger.

here is a pic from the hospital though of my dad and Kate! This pic cracks me up, and with his permission I have the right to put my two little receding hair line loves on the web...I hope this brings you guys as much joy as it does me!

Just for a little update, this week we are going to try to get Kate in her bed!! Keep your fingers crossed, and she has her 2nd Doctors appt tomorrow! Love you guys!