Wednesday, May 19, 2010

and drum roll please....

Bad Mom of the year award goes to.......RACHEL ROBINSON!!

Today was the day that I have been dreading! I was just thinking to myself, you know for being such a clumsy lady, I have done a pretty good job of not letting little Katers get hurt or fall down or anything...



DUN...(you know like in a scary movie)

today like any other day I am getting ready and Kate is having fun on the bed...she is starting to roll around, so I go pick her up and place her in the middle of the KING size bed sitting up, I turn around to go put the rest of my selfish make up on, and its the noise I never wanted to hear...Bump CLUMP BOOM! I turn around and Yep there is my precious baby face down on the floor!!!!!!! SHE FELL OFF THE BED!!!!! Yes I know that this is going to happen more, I know she is going to get hurt, I know that I cant be around her like a bubble all the time, or that she is invincible, But WHY NOT!

This was horrifying. I have felt bad all day. I know she is fine and doesnt even remember it, but that cry! Oh Lord that cry! I have NEVER heard my little one cry like that. it was like she knew that I had left her and that it was my fault for her falling. its like she knew all trust at that point was gone! ok your right, im being a little dramatic. But it was a hard morning. I called the Dr.'s office to make sure I shouldnt bring her in and they kind of chuckled at me. Like lady, these things happen, if your baby isnt like vomiting or crawling in circles you should be ok!

SO lesson learned for the day: I need to figure out how to get one of those bubbles so that she never gets hurt again!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So last night we went to check the mail and there they were! YAY!! our prego pics!! Here are just a few of our favorites! The lovely Miss Shana Banana from captured photography in Dallas did them for us, and she did a great job! I hope you all like them! Its weird to look at them and think that that was days before our little pea came out and changed our world. She is now, in TWO days count them TWO days going to be 7months old!! its crazy how fast that has gone!!

Today we actually went out with another good friend of mine here to take family pics and 7 month old pics, and ladies and gentlemen i CAN NOT wait to see them!! Angela did a fantastic job, there were flowers, balloons, hott shoes, hot weather! haha it was a blast!

Here are the faves from before there was a sweet pea kater patater! lets also just talk about how HUGE I was...Geez!! Thanks for all of you making me feel pretty even though I was as big as a house! haha

Sunday, May 16, 2010

SO Smart!

So just so everyone knows whats going on, my baby can completely roll over by herself, she is scooting with her head down and knees up or she is full up on her hands, cant really get the whole they go together thing yet. I think its that head. TOO BIG! and lets just say both the Rhea and Robinson side didnt help the big head thing! haha

She is eating a whole little food container thing and a half. She is eating peaches, bananas, pears, green beans, mixed veggies, and some crazy ones I get at the store with turkey in them, but all the others I make myself, and its really fun to do it!

She is non stop cooing and talking to everything, not really any words or anything that makes ANY kind of sense, but she is talking away! it cracks me up! if I could figure out how to get a video on this thing I would show you, but well I cant.

I got crafty the last couple of days as well! I forgot how much I LOVE to be crafty! It makes me feel better. I grew up doing that sort of thing. My Momma was So great at filling that avenue with great things for me, I remember at a Young age, going to the ceramic store and painting, or making play doh or making mums or whatever, we were always crafting, and I cant wait for Kate to get there! I just cant wait! But anyways...I was looking for some flower barettes for Kate (we were supposed to take family pics yesterday, but the dang rain came) for the pictures. I went to the store here in town that would have super cute in style kind of flowers, and they were $15!! Highway robbery! I looked at the flower and the barrette and I immediately said, I can do that EASY! So off to hobby lobby I went and TA DA! I made them! and I think I did a pretty good job! I know you wish they were on kate, but I am going to let the professional do that when we get our pics done! I am SO excited!

But here are some pics from galveston that I forgot to post last week. They crack me up! When we got home and I was uploading everything, I noticed this string of pictures. It looks like Kate took the camera and learned how to take pics of herself! SO CUTE! love them! enjoy! Love you guys!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So a couple of weekends ago, my dad and all our family went to Galveston to hang out for the weekend...let me tell you, the place we stayed was SO great! And it was almost to the VERY end of the island. Very worth the trip. It was called pointe west galveston, and it was Very reasonable. they had two pools you could go to, and one had a LAZY river! and if anyone knows me they know I love a good river or fake one for that matter!

Here are some pics of the family just hanging out!

side note: the picture below with her seatbelted in, we only drove like 100 feet in a parking lot, so dont get upset :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

some oldies but goodies..

So...I was going through some pics from last month, and discovered I never posted them! They are SO cute, REALLY old, but SO cute...enjoy my little McCutie! And you should know a funny story, the pic with her major cheeks is from a couple weeks ago...I was blowing my cheeks big and hitting my cheeks at her to make a funny noise, well because she is the smartest baby EVER, She looks at me all thinking like, and then blows her cheeks Real big! And I happened to get a pic! haha

enjoy the little smarty!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

slap my hand...

So I again apologize for NOT BLogging! Geez! Slap my hand!

Just an update on whats been going on...I have decided that I am TIRED of being Overweight as I have been for a bout a year and half, and yes while I did have a baby, I only gained about 40lbs with her, so really THat is not the reason why I have this stinky old weight.

So...about three weeks ago I was in this great little place called Kingwood Bagel, when I turn and see this brochure for Kingwood Boot Camp! (ironic huh) I pick it up as I wait for my 1 million calorie yummy egg, ham and gooey melted cheese bagel sandwich, while sipping on my large dr. pepper. And as Im reading it, Im seeing that you have to wake up and be somewhere at 515, yeah right! and then of course you do like Crazy workouts for about an hour for 4 weeks. I think to myself, I could do 4 weeks, this could be just what I need. And though I LOATHE the mornings, it is a time that I wouldnt have to get a babysitter, she would just still be asleep! So our handy dandy tax return helped pay for me to be CRAZY for 4 weeks and go to boot camp! Long story short, I am really liking it! Its making me feel SO much better, But I have found taht I fill my day up with so many things! And you should all be happy to know that Business is starting to pick up, which makes me crazy...but then this weekend hit, and I have not behaved! I will have to make it up this week by eating REALLY well! But I have lost 4lbs!!! YAY!! its just a small amount, but its a start! I will be skinny again! I AM DETERMINED to be able to go into a store again and not have to try on a medium...I just want to be able to buy it and know it will fit!

So next thing on the menu...its my first mothers day! Sigh! I cant tell you how blessed I am by my sweet little Kate. She is truly the most amazing child. She is beautiful, so sweet, and Just gosh darn happy! I just love her to peices, and though today is supposed to be about me being a mom, I feel like probably most moms do, all I wanted to do is just hold Kate and just relish in the fact that I get to be her mom. The Lord chose ME, be her mom. I am so lucky. Just a year ago she was just cookin away in my tummy, and I was scared, and worried, and not sure. Today its like second nature. Its something I do, I am a mom! And I cant believe it. I dont know if it will ever be something I truly can wrap my brain around, but I am a Mom! And i am so blessed!

I just think of all the things I wish for her, and all the things I pray Nick and i will teach her. I think of the little ones to come after her, and I get excited about more fun little babies, and the great blessing of watching them grow up. I have had such a fun time just seeing her learn and become Kate. And without further ado, here are some new pictures...they are from today!