Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So last night we went to check the mail and there they were! YAY!! our prego pics!! Here are just a few of our favorites! The lovely Miss Shana Banana from captured photography in Dallas did them for us, and she did a great job! I hope you all like them! Its weird to look at them and think that that was days before our little pea came out and changed our world. She is now, in TWO days count them TWO days going to be 7months old!! its crazy how fast that has gone!!

Today we actually went out with another good friend of mine here to take family pics and 7 month old pics, and ladies and gentlemen i CAN NOT wait to see them!! Angela did a fantastic job, there were flowers, balloons, hott shoes, hot weather! haha it was a blast!

Here are the faves from before there was a sweet pea kater patater! lets also just talk about how HUGE I was...Geez!! Thanks for all of you making me feel pretty even though I was as big as a house! haha

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  1. awww! such a special time! you will treasure these pictures always - they are beautiful.