Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So a couple of weekends ago, my dad and all our family went to Galveston to hang out for the weekend...let me tell you, the place we stayed was SO great! And it was almost to the VERY end of the island. Very worth the trip. It was called pointe west galveston, and it was Very reasonable. they had two pools you could go to, and one had a LAZY river! and if anyone knows me they know I love a good river or fake one for that matter!

Here are some pics of the family just hanging out!

side note: the picture below with her seatbelted in, we only drove like 100 feet in a parking lot, so dont get upset :)


  1. i LOVE that swimsuit with the little rose flower! SO ADORABLE.

  2. Thank God - the blog queen has returned. So adorable - i need to squeeze those cheeks!!!!