Wednesday, May 19, 2010

and drum roll please....

Bad Mom of the year award goes to.......RACHEL ROBINSON!!

Today was the day that I have been dreading! I was just thinking to myself, you know for being such a clumsy lady, I have done a pretty good job of not letting little Katers get hurt or fall down or anything...



DUN...(you know like in a scary movie)

today like any other day I am getting ready and Kate is having fun on the bed...she is starting to roll around, so I go pick her up and place her in the middle of the KING size bed sitting up, I turn around to go put the rest of my selfish make up on, and its the noise I never wanted to hear...Bump CLUMP BOOM! I turn around and Yep there is my precious baby face down on the floor!!!!!!! SHE FELL OFF THE BED!!!!! Yes I know that this is going to happen more, I know she is going to get hurt, I know that I cant be around her like a bubble all the time, or that she is invincible, But WHY NOT!

This was horrifying. I have felt bad all day. I know she is fine and doesnt even remember it, but that cry! Oh Lord that cry! I have NEVER heard my little one cry like that. it was like she knew that I had left her and that it was my fault for her falling. its like she knew all trust at that point was gone! ok your right, im being a little dramatic. But it was a hard morning. I called the Dr.'s office to make sure I shouldnt bring her in and they kind of chuckled at me. Like lady, these things happen, if your baby isnt like vomiting or crawling in circles you should be ok!

SO lesson learned for the day: I need to figure out how to get one of those bubbles so that she never gets hurt again!

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  1. :( Poor Rach. One time, I left Jaxson on the couch before he could roll or anything and he KICKED himself off and hit the coffee table on the way down to our wooden floor!!! AND...his cry way terrible. I know what you mean. I cried too. I almost convinced Jer to let me take him to the emergency room because I was afraid he would get shaken baby syndrome from hitting his head so many times on the way down. bahaha!
    You don't get bad mom of the year award. I'm stealing it from you.
    I love you!!!!