Sunday, May 16, 2010

SO Smart!

So just so everyone knows whats going on, my baby can completely roll over by herself, she is scooting with her head down and knees up or she is full up on her hands, cant really get the whole they go together thing yet. I think its that head. TOO BIG! and lets just say both the Rhea and Robinson side didnt help the big head thing! haha

She is eating a whole little food container thing and a half. She is eating peaches, bananas, pears, green beans, mixed veggies, and some crazy ones I get at the store with turkey in them, but all the others I make myself, and its really fun to do it!

She is non stop cooing and talking to everything, not really any words or anything that makes ANY kind of sense, but she is talking away! it cracks me up! if I could figure out how to get a video on this thing I would show you, but well I cant.

I got crafty the last couple of days as well! I forgot how much I LOVE to be crafty! It makes me feel better. I grew up doing that sort of thing. My Momma was So great at filling that avenue with great things for me, I remember at a Young age, going to the ceramic store and painting, or making play doh or making mums or whatever, we were always crafting, and I cant wait for Kate to get there! I just cant wait! But anyways...I was looking for some flower barettes for Kate (we were supposed to take family pics yesterday, but the dang rain came) for the pictures. I went to the store here in town that would have super cute in style kind of flowers, and they were $15!! Highway robbery! I looked at the flower and the barrette and I immediately said, I can do that EASY! So off to hobby lobby I went and TA DA! I made them! and I think I did a pretty good job! I know you wish they were on kate, but I am going to let the professional do that when we get our pics done! I am SO excited!

But here are some pics from galveston that I forgot to post last week. They crack me up! When we got home and I was uploading everything, I noticed this string of pictures. It looks like Kate took the camera and learned how to take pics of herself! SO CUTE! love them! enjoy! Love you guys!

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  1. oh my! so many accomplishments for the mommy and her daughter. i can't believe how much she is doing - she will conquer the crawl before you know it and all that chattering will soon be recognizable words - how fun!! and your flowers are beautiful, Rachel!!!

    love you - the mama