Saturday, January 30, 2010

and welcome the bumbo!

so our little over acheiver baby is always wanting to sit up, but she just hasnt gotten all those muscles to work quite right to get there by herself. In comes the Bumbo...this last weekend our church had what they call Baby Daze, what I call PURE GENIUS! They have people bring up all things Baby, or small child and they sell it! Well I went up there early thursday afternoon and found me some SUPER cute baby clothes, and the Bumbo!

Yesterday Nick was making us lunch, and this is what I came in to see, and its just so cute, and she is SO content!

Dont you agree?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

sick days..

So my perfect little one has had some major sniffles the last two days....The poor little one has been miserable, and Nick and I knew that the allergies of us both would hit at some point. And that point is now. She snorts like a little french bulldog. She has had spells where she will just SCREAM...which makes me so sad because I just know that she is so uncomfortable. So I stick that little sucker outer thing up her nose one more time and try to have her sleep at an incline, but it is just so was looking better, and it was until this evening when she had another sad little girl.

Anyways, I think she is good now, two days of no sleeping though can do a mommy in. Hopefully she will sleep some what normal tonight. and I will hopefully get to sleep in my bed. tuesday night I was in her room and last night the couch, each morning its been funny for nick to wake up and try to find me. He just looks at me with this sad little face and says hes so sorry! haha

So here is a pic of what I have been looking at...feel bad for us :(

love you all!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So Ive been tagged...

I have secretly always wanted to be tagged in one of these...and now the time has come and I am just not creative enough!

Anyways thanks to my sweet friend Lyndsey I am tagged, So heres the deal I have to list 10 things that make me happy and do one of them today, which means I will be doing it tomorrow because it is 822 pm and well I didnt do it today. I link some peeps and the one who sent it to me and then they pass it on!

ok so here we go:

1. listening to my baby's happy squeals
2. cuddling
3. pedicures
4. being with my family
5. relaxing baths with bubbles and candles
6. Gilmore girls and watching them with my hubby
7. photography-everything that has to do with it, LOVE it!
8. TJ Maxx
9. I cant stop singing that Revelation song
10. oh Burritos! I love like freebird style burritos, they are great!

OK those that are tagged...

Growingfreely my sweet friend Lyndsey
Sweet and Sassy, one of my truly AMAZING cool brides!
and I very highly doubt that nick will do this, but we will see my hubby!

and now I leave you with a picture of Kate thinking of all the changes she is going to make in the world...

take note: that little pudge over her diaper that is showing...Im not one to love a muffintop, but on this little munchkin, you just cant help it! haha love you all!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a new doc.

So being that I am a new mom anything weird gets taken to the doc! Being that I am also new to Kingwood, we had to find a new doc. Sad but needed. I loved LOVED dr. Rogers, so for those of you who are in Tyler, and have a little one, you should RUN to see dr. Rogers, he is truly THE GREATEST! anyways, it was an eventful time.

We get there, I am filling out paperwork and my sweet Katers is sitting in her seat, when this probably 3 year old comes out SCREAMING "Thwat Hwurt Mommy!" It HWUUURRTTSS!" its like border line yelling and just very loudly telling us that its not comfortable, and hes grabbing his upper leg...while this is going on, Kate is seriously just Laughing and cooing her head off, then as the little kid is leaving he says...I dont wanna go Mommy I wanna stay!

This was the moment i knew we needed to be here at Dr. Harpers. The day a child is yelling about his shot, but doesnt want to leave is definitly the place my kid should go to the Dr.

Then we get ushered back by this sweet little nurse, who gets us ready for weighing if you know what our weighing in history looks like, this is always an exciting time for us. She gets on the scale, and drum roll please my little CHUNKER Is 12 POUNDS!!! I know CRAZY!! She is Getting SOOO big! funny though, while we are doing this, this sweet little nurse looks over to one of the doctors and says doesnt this baby look just like Patricia's baby, and the doc says, Yeah thats crazy she looks just like HIM! HIM!! What!!?!? So I look at the nurse and Im like she looks like a boy! haha...STRIKE ONE! I am now rethinking my decision, and come on people how can this little precious thing even remotely look like a boy, if anything that little boy looked like a girl!

This baby does not look like a boy...does she?

so anyways then we wait for the doc for like 10 minutes, in he comes, he is like a super sweet, younger not so big santa claus! he was so precious! Totally loving my little happy Katers...after he told me how she wasnt sick, but perfect! He then says, hold on I need to get you something, while I dress her back in her little clothes, he goes and gets this book. Its a giant HOW TO book for parents, from infant to teen! ITs really good too, and its based on Christiam principles which is fun and I get it home and while Im feeding Kate, I start to look into the book...he had taken the time to write us a sweet note, jackpot, we have found our new doc. The Lord has been so good to provide such sweet ones.

SO thats about it for the day, we had a little bit of a sad night...I think the Oh so good taco soup we ate last night did not agree with Kates little tummy...and so she screamed and screamed, and I felt so bad, but here is a super cute pic of her with her lovie from yesterdays precious huh?

Monday, January 25, 2010

its just an invitation....

Our once tiny, skinny, barely weighing nothing baby is now a thriving, plump, scrumptious little munchkin! and lately she has been grabbing at everything, yesterday after church I was changing her and she kept lifting up her little dress to show her tummy...I think I speak for all parents when I say that this is just a HUGE invitation for me to blow "raspberries" right into that little plump tummy! I could help it!and she just LOVED it!

Inventions I wish I had thought of...

SO there are some things in the world that i come across, and in that moment, I think Why didnt I think of that! Why couldnt I have thought of this cute or fun thing that now someone is making millions for! Geez! I need to start having better ideas!

These little Shoe socks are one of them! They are SO stinkin cute, and make perfect sense! As a mom of a baby, they cant wear shoes right, they either kick them off or are too big, so in comes the great invention of these super cute little socks that look like shoes, and some even have bows on them! Im OBSESSED! they complete the perfect infant outfit! I still wish I had thought of it...on to the next one I guess.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our sweet friends

We had a going away party, and I never posted, so I am doing that now. They are our sweet friends, and there were TOO many! So many people who have touched our hearts and been a part of our lives over the last three years were there, there was fun food, fun people, sad times and fun games. Thank you all for being there, we felt so loved, and loved getting to see you all one more time before we headed out to Kingwood. We love you all so much, and think of you are some pics:

Our New place...

So we have moved and officially been here for 10 days. We dont have any more boxes, and we are just about settled in. I have just a few more things to do, like make our room more like a room instead of a throw all, but the rest of the place is done, and SUPER GREAT!

Moving here I didnt know exactly how I felt, but as I sit here in my lovely apartment, and think of my family, and how blessed I am to have a mom who will come down in her busy schedule and work her little booty off to get the house pretty, or my sweet papa who came and helped us fix some things and hang some pictures, or my in laws who are sitting daily praying for our little family and all that is to come, and wishing that they could be here. For all our friends that we left in Tyler who also are praying, and loving us, again I will never have friends like you all again, and I thank you all for the last 4 years. And lastly for my sweet sweet husband, who loves me when Im crazy and freaking out over nothing, and my precious little baby who everyday blesses me with something new.

I am just so blessed. Thank you God for your blessings...

So here we go, here are some pics of the house! They arent that great, but its what you have all been waiting for, just know that there will be candles in the candle holders, there will be more pics on Katers walls, and all the pictures in the frames will be changed, and our room is going to Look MUCH better! haha


Friday, January 8, 2010

not much to say...

so this weekend will be a time for lasts, sad hugs and goodbyes...Im not looking forward to it. Today is Nicks last day at sky ranch, and its going to be soo weird not having that place be a part of my daily knowings. We are having a goodbye party tonight which we all know is going to be TOO sad for words, and my house is packed. It truly hasnt hit me yet...but I know that my heart is sad to leave this place full of great memories and the best friends a person could ever have!

but on a lighter note...Kate spit up all over me and her, and it was too cute not to show you guys...i mean you cant be upsset with this little cutie!