Tuesday, December 29, 2009

yep thats right....

WE ARE AT THE BEACH!! and its Beautiful! Even though its cold, I just like to look at it. just looking at the pretty ocean always reminds me of my sweet lord and everything he does and has done for us. we are so beyond belief blessed.

I also got a SWEET app on my iphone. Courtney shout out! But they made a holga camera for my iphone, and here are some pics I took with it! Love LOVE it!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Sweet Great Grandma and Grandpa Robinson came in yesterday and have spent the weekend with us getting their Kate fill! They are the sweetest! They are Nicks Grandparents, and since the first day I was a part of this family they have loved me as if I was one of their own. They are so precious and I just adore them. They have been married for 60 years I think? and that alone is incredible. They are just precious and sweet. I hope nick and I are as cute as them when we get to that age! And they just LOVE Kate!

Kate has also started to do a little chattering, and let me just tell you how stinkin cute it is...She oohs and aahs, and geeeesss and aah geees, and we are all entertained for hours! We are also really trying to get her to laugh SO hard! she kind of does it, and Grandma is going to get her to do it if it kills her! haha the song of the week is "I love to laugh...HA HA HA HA, Long and Loud and Clear" its great!

and sleeping is what the Robinson men do best! Three years of Robinsons, and if you would like to know what nick will look like as he ages, these two men are the ones to look at. They All look EXACTLY the same!

We then had a great big party with some of both sides that came over to celebrate and see Kate. It was her Big Debut! She met all sorts of people, and it was great to see alot of them! Some we havent seen since we got married, so it was nice to see the Robinson and Momma Robinson clans. One of nicks cousins just had a baby a year ago as well and we got to see her, her name is Ashlyn, and she is such a sweetie! Its hard to believe that Kate will be that big soon! I dont know how I feel about it!


Well I should have posted this before now...but well...I didnt. ha! Here is some pics from Christmas Day! We had such a WONDERFUL christmas!! BLessed beyond belief, Debra and Dennis went WAY over and beyond! WE all got such wonderful gifts! We started off the day by reading three trees, a Robinson tradition, and I loved it because its just such a sweet little book! Then they got to cooking for Christmas dinner! THey were in the kitchen for 6 hours and let me tell you the meal that you see was quite possibly the best meal I have had in WHILE! Nick made the Cherry pie...it was really good, and even though the latice wasnt as good as great grandma robinson, it was pretty good!

Then when Dinner was ready we were unsure whether we should wear our pjs or real clothes, and well we decided real clothes...nick and krysta thought that this was a little silly, so she brought out the old prom dress, and poppa got a tux jacket...it was hilarious!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

some family pics...

Here are some pics we took for Grandma and Grandpa Robinson for their Christmas present! WE had So much fun, the last little bit of pics we were trying to be cheesy, but instead they just fell all over each other and laughed, which in turn made me laugh the hardest I have laughed in a long time! I was Crying, literally crying, tears coming down my face. But they turned out good! Let me know what you think!