Friday, December 11, 2009

its only 10:30

so it was a wonderful morning, still is...Im on a good track so far with ALL the Many things I need to get done, and while I was doing some album making, I was watching Glee, which by the way was AWESOME! and made my morning that much better. What more could you ask for right: A great Glee episode, my sweet baby on my arm watching it as well and cooing along might I add, and getting things done. The day is good...

Then suddenly my sweet baby starts to toot ALOT and REALLY loud, which makes me Laugh Hysterically because its amazing how loud of a toot can come out of such a small little girl, but onward with my story...she then begins to poo, no big deal...suddenly I feel something warm on my leg.. I think she must have spit up or something. oh no...I was very VERY wrong....Yep you guessed it, POOP on my leg! POOP ON MY LEG!! Nasty runny baby poop on my as I am laughing and telling Kate what she just did to me she gives me this face:

I then pick her up and talk to her about how silly she is, and then spit up ALL OVER MY FACE!! And yes its still a perfect day, but its only 10:30...what else could this day bring...


  1. Ahhh, the joys of infants! And these are the easy problems . . .

  2. I think I'm ready to have a baby ... then I read stories like this.