Thursday, December 17, 2009

Florida here we come...

So we were packing away this evening getting ready for FLORIDA, and I realized that an infant requires WAY more packing than nick and I combined. Its amazing how much this little punkin needs, but she needs alot!

But today I am leaving you all with a request...PRAYER! I have this great fear that we are going to be "That" family. You know the one in the back with the screaming kid that everyone stares at and wants to kill. With the mom that looks like death and the poor husband who is just trying to do whatever he can to make the situation better. This is my fear of what tomorrow is going to look like. SO I have prepared for the flight, with lots of diapers, onesies just in case there is a poop over flow, bottles, and the good ole well you know my chest! ha! I have a feeling that she will be hooked up to me the entire time, just so there is no staring and pointing of fingers. As much as we all know I love some attention this is not the attention I am going to be wanting tomorrow.

So just pray for our little one and her first flight! WE are SOOO Excited to see Poppa and g-ma! we cant hardly stand it! Its all Kate talks about! haha

I leave you with a sweet pic of my little lady...

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  1. OMG! Can't believe how cute the little baldy is!!! Nick jumped all the way across the Atlantic on his first flight! He kept us up, but he was always a great traveler. We'll believe the same for Kate! See you tonight!