Tuesday, December 22, 2009

First Couple of days...

So we have now been in Florida for 5 days, and I feel like its only been two! Its so fun to be with family and get to hang out and just be! Lets see if I can get it straight for what all was done. We got in around 3:00 on friday night, you would think we would have all been tired and ready to go to bed, but Kate was the worlds best traveling baby, and we got home, she was in a great mood, and everyone was gathered around her in the moses basket just loving her and cooing at her. I loved it! Its so nice to have a loving family on both sides, who just love and dote on our little one. We are so lucky!

So saturday we just hung out and did a little shopping, sunday we went to church, took some pics! Got to see our friend Lana and her sweet little guy Maddox get Dedicated!

Yesterday we went to DISNEY!!! IT was SOO great, we are so blessed, Krysta (nicks little sister) works at Disney, so we get to go for free, and this time we got the entire family in! It was great! because when you dont spend an arm and a leg to get in you enjoy it so much more. We werent standing in crazy lines, we were loving life and walking and seeing...it was wonderful! Then at 6:15 we saw the castle light up, and let me tell you...I mean...I wouldnt be lying if I told you that I teared up a little. I know its really silly, but it was sooo beautiful! Im so happy that the Robinsons always put up with the Disney trip with a smile for me! Its just so magical, and nothing tops it. I can NOT wait til little Kate gets big enough to LOVE it as much as mommy!

And then today, we lazied around and enjoyed each other. It was fabulous...as you can see from more pics below, Kate and grandpa did some balancing, some napping and some hanging out. We put up some of nicks old ornaments, and the pic with Nick holding open the box is something I hope I remember to do...Debra, Nicks Momma, would get them each an ornament each year, and on or in the box she would write a little sweet note describing the ornament and why it was picked! SO CUTE! and SO FUN! Daddy then took a bath, we kids went out and got christmas kind of squared away for the G-Parents, and then came back for Fabulous Spaghetti!

We are having a blast! I will try to post more!

Love you guys!

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