Monday, June 4, 2012

My Babes

Man I am BEHIND!!! UGH! Ok so Harper is about to be 4 months old! Can you believe it! Its nutso! I feel like in a blink she is going to be 1! Crazy!

Im trying to think of all the fun things, we have been busy busy around here, I have had my busiest wedding season yet this year, which has been a HUGE blessing. BUT also VERY hard with these little babes and trying to be the photographer and mommy and wife that I strive to be. I have learned alot about myself and who I want to be and who I am, and how I need to focus just a little well lets be honest A WHOLE lot more on my dear Lord.  Who has chosen me to be a part of these babies lives. I am still blown away that Nick and I have been trusted with these little beings, who are so perfect and beautiful and fun! OH so fun!

Kate is getting So big and full of words, she just talks all the time, and is so smart. And HILARIOUS! I cant make the stuff up that she does, its so funny! I feel like daily I am laughing my head off about one thing or another. Her and Harper are starting to get along even better, I am getting so excited for when Harper gets bigger and can start interacting with her big. Kate loves it when she smiles at her, and Harper is truly obsessed with that big sis of hers. Every time Kate comes around Harper is all smiles.

Harper is getting BIG we go in for her check up soon and more shots ;( but I have a feeling she is going to be a chunker! She is wearing clothes Kate wore at 6 months, so Im excited to say this baby is going to be my fat one! I Cant wait!! I love those chunky thighs! Shes rolling a little, cooing and talking ALOT, finding a new sound every day and just shouting it for well the whole day.  Its real cute in the beginning, bug come about 4 in the evening its a little old. haha, I think we also will have another blue eyed girl!! YAY! love those Genes! They are starting to clear up, and I guess they could still change, but I think we are blue to go!

Im going to leave you with some pics from the shoot my dear friend Shanna Did of the girls last month. I am IN LOVE with them and want to wallpaper my house with them, but I think that might be a little much! lol Love you all, and I hope to blog sooner than later!