Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I left for a couple of hours...

So #1. Kate is officially teething, and lets just say, our sweet little munchkin is in a lot of pain, and she is letting us know about it! our once sweet, pretty, cute little fat cheeked baby was just precious, and the best baby of all time. Well we forgot that teething would be just around the corner and the drama that she gets from her momma has come out in FULL force! So today I finally gave into the drugs, baby Motrin is now my new best friend.

#2 on Saturday when I left Kingwood to go on a shoot in Nachadoges, I thought I was leaving that sweet little butter ball with her papa to go to a football game at the church and hang out with kiddos. Well apparently not only did her father take it upon himself to Re-Dress her after I left, but the teething began, and she was in a SCREAMING type mood. Im not totally blaming it all on the teething, she might have been embarrassed by the way her sweet daddy dressed her.

#3 This is how I came home to my baby...Nick thought that the little bloomers you put on them under a dress were some kind of pant, and of course she had to wear a ball cap to the game...oh daddy! Gotta love I dont think I have laughed that hard in a while, so it made my day to see our little girl in this VERY pink and silly outfit!


But all that to say, she is in a lot of pain, and not doing so hot. She has every little discomfort you can have when teething, from the diarrhea, to chapped booty, to sore gums, she has it going on...I feel so bad for her. I hope she sleeps better tonight.

Love you all!

Friday, March 12, 2010

again the worst...

I just dont know how these days go by so fast! I feel like its monday and then I blink and its friday! GEEZ!! Well here are some fun pics I took a while back...they are super cute, and they are kind of her 3 month old pics, but she is almost 5 months! Can you believe it!

Also these PRECIOUS bows are thanks to the great Jackie! Who is starting to sell them, and I will have to get her website soon because I love them each time we get a parcel of fun bows! I JUST LOVE THEM!

fyi: there are more pics to come...I just couldnt hold them in any longer...I will post more sweet bow pics tomorrow!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

and then daddy...

My Daddy then came down that tuesday after the girls left, and we had a girls day with Daddy! It was real fun, and I dont have pics of it, but we got this great mobile for Kate and her room, and SHE LOVES IT! ITs incredible people...every day she is getting more alert and learning so much...Its so cute, you can tell when she is really trying to understand and take it all in. Love it!

So here are just a few pics of my papa with my baby! Love you guys!

You gotta love my little baldies, and if you look at the kind of blurry pic, they are making the same face! SO FUNNY!!


So last weekend? maybe the weekend its been a whirl wind, but I am getting back into the swing of things, and hopefully I wont fall off the blog band wagon! Nicks Sisters came in, the Aunties were here! its always fun to have both of them with nick. Its just fun to see the siblings altogether!

And I hate this, but Kate is totally wearing the same thing two times in a row!! I cant believe it...I have failed you all, but its so cute and super easy to put on her! plus she is in this awkward nothing fits stage, that I find myself in most of my life...its the some things are too small and some things are too big, and there are pretty much only 3 things in your life that fit! Yep kate is there! haha


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dallas Trip

So two weeks Ago! Geez im horrible! We went to Dallas, same weekend as the snow...we had a ladybug day! (thanks so aunty lolly) and My sweet grandparents got to see little Katers. It was a great day to see them and hang out for just a little while. With Kate getting bigger we were able to get some great pics. I hope you enjoy!

I learned that this was the FIRST time my grandpa had held her! Crazy huh! I guess everyone else just hogs her! haha and I am in love with the series of pics of kate with Mimi! SO sweet!

no excuse :(

I have been VERY delnquent in my would think that maybe I havent taken any pics of my little one or that nothing is going on. but that is just not the casw! geez! its been great out here in kingwood. and today as i sat down at the computer ready to blog, i am thinking back to Tyler, Kate and I are headed out there for some shoots this weekend and to see some of our friends! With that thought, I was reminded of one more thing that I havent done. I havent had the funds to do a simple Weve moved card, I have been saving some pics just for it, but I feel that it has now been just too long and the pic is just not going to make sense being that we have almost been here for two months. So Here is our little bambino on moving day!

and if you dont have our address yet, its 4920 Magnolia Cove #2104 Kingwood, TX 77345

How precious is our little fragile girl...

and I need to give my daddy some shout out for was totally his idea! From the minute he got there that morning, he was REALLY the brains behind this, and it came out SOO cute!