Wednesday, March 3, 2010

no excuse :(

I have been VERY delnquent in my would think that maybe I havent taken any pics of my little one or that nothing is going on. but that is just not the casw! geez! its been great out here in kingwood. and today as i sat down at the computer ready to blog, i am thinking back to Tyler, Kate and I are headed out there for some shoots this weekend and to see some of our friends! With that thought, I was reminded of one more thing that I havent done. I havent had the funds to do a simple Weve moved card, I have been saving some pics just for it, but I feel that it has now been just too long and the pic is just not going to make sense being that we have almost been here for two months. So Here is our little bambino on moving day!

and if you dont have our address yet, its 4920 Magnolia Cove #2104 Kingwood, TX 77345

How precious is our little fragile girl...

and I need to give my daddy some shout out for was totally his idea! From the minute he got there that morning, he was REALLY the brains behind this, and it came out SOO cute!


  1. thank you Rachel--we Floridians always appreciate pictures of Kate! See ya soon!


  2. YAY, it's perfect.

    You never need to feel delnquent in the small stuff...

    You are so busy raising a wonderful little girl, taking care of the home and growing a wonderful artful business.

    You are one AMAZING WOMAN!

    I am so proud of my baby girl.

    Have fun and enjoy that precious one.