Monday, April 16, 2012


Had a fantastic, busy beautiful Easter weekend.  It was my first official weekend back as a photog, and between thursday night and sunday morning i had 7 shoots! Nick was gone fri and sat for a senior retreat, and sooo my sweet momma came down to help and have some easter good times! and we did!!soo many pics!!

I should also let you know that Kate has decided that she HATES the camera, she hates mine, and she hates the phone one, so any smile you see was completely false or caught on Major accident! Love being a photographer and my child hating the camera! Oh and you should know that my childrens clothing are sponsored by the Gap and all their cuteness that comes to us via Auntie KayKay and dear DeeDee! 

 We then came home got into some play clothes and dyed some eggs!

 This is Easter Sunday. Im real sorry we dont have a good pic of the whole family, that was when Kate decided to have a break down, so no family pics, BUT super cute ones of the babies. Look how big Harper is! She is so sweet!

so much!

There is SOO much going on around here, I know I gotta get all my ducks in a row! Our little Harper Jane is 2 months old, smiling and gooing and carrying on. She is so sweet and soo pretty, I mean I think its just safe to say Nick and I do pretty good at making these pretty girls :) I have SO many pictures to show you its embarrassing, so here are some from the butterfly museum when we went geez almost a month and a half ago and following shortly after is Easter! Coming later! Love you guys! these arent edited so dont judge