Friday, September 21, 2012

SOOO much going on!!!

Im guessing that most of you know that we are moving....if you dont here it is, we are moving :( :)...

Nick got a wonderful job back in Dallas, at Highland Park Presbyterian Church and we are going to take it!! WE are truly SO excited, but these last couple of weeks here in Kingwood have been really sad and hard to swallow. Its so hard saying goodbye to people who have molded you and changed you for the better. I was so blessed here.  We had great friends for Kate, with moms that I loved as well, and could talk to and air my frustrations too. We had a fantastic home that the church lovingly let us use the last two years, and Im going to say it, we lived in Houston. I LOVE Houston, and I will truly miss the culture, the fun and just the plan cool stuff it has to offer on a daily basis. So we have a couple more sad days ahead, before we officially move on monday, but for the most part it has been amazing almost 3 years and even though there were some bumps in the road, they of course grew us even more than we thought they would.

Thank you Kingwood for being a special place in my heart.

Ok now for some catching up...we went to Florida a couple weeks ago and had A BLAST to say the least, and I feel like I should share some of those images with you guys! They are soo fun! SO enjoy, When we first got there, we got to go spend some time on the beach, so of course we took beach pics. Kate wasnt really having it, but I always throw those little ones in the here is Harpers little beach shoot. You should also all know that this baby is 7 months OLD!!! I cant believe it!