Saturday, October 30, 2010

the lack of pumpkin patches...

So I will say of some of the things I miss from Tyler. The Punkin Patch is one of them! There is a Fantastic patch in Tyler, where they have all sorts of fancy pumpkins, cinderella pumpkins and worty punkins and tall ones and fat ones and tiny in houston they are just orange and round. They are at the super market!! OR there is one day you can go to the fancy flower place here in town and they have a punkin patch, or until today when I find out there is a church that sells them, but yep they are just the orange and round ones...well anyways. Being that I am a connoisseur of sorts when it comes to pumpkins (I Have been known to spend $50+ dollars in years past on punkins) I have found that they are an important part to fall and halloween and well just life in general. I love me some punkins!!

ANyways we went to the fancy flower place and they had some hay bails up with flowers on them for picture taking...Kate was not too happy but she got over it and we had some fun! So that was about 3 weeks ago...haha Man Im behind! One day at a time right??

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


OK So I have A-bout a BILLION things I could write about, and the reason it has taken me so long to finally blog is because I have a BILLION things to write about and a billion pics to put AND I truly dont know where to start, So i decided to start at the beginning of the crazy trail we have been on in the last month.

Kate turned one people! She has been one now for a whole week!! She is talking up a storm, saying things like daddy, doggie, duck, whoa, wee...when asked how old she is, she puts up one finger, and let me tell you when that little tiny dwarf finger goes up it just makes you melt a little every time. She waves bye bye and hi! and Im pretty sure is trying to say bye bye, but its coming out die die...awesome! When she is playing these days she likes to either take things out of something and then put them back and take them out and put them back again and again and again. OR she likes to grab things like my underwear or bra and just carry them all over the house, which is always fun.

Shes just growing up so fast! We are definitely obsessed with the momma, separation anxiety has set in for sure, and we are just dealing with that. Nick thinks that she doesnt like him which of course is not the case, its just that i dont know she is obsessed! sometimes its cute other times I just want to go to the bathroom and not have a tiny person with me :) Gone are the days im sure.

So here are just a few pics from a couple of weeks ago, we went out and did a little, IM GOING TO BE ONE shoot!! These are just a couple of the many...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So last weekend we went to Tyler, and well Kate touched a is the first time Kate touched something dangerous, but she was in good hands. Our Sweet good wonderful friend Casey! Who Kate is officially obsessed with, helped her be brave, and touch a snake!

Crazy huh!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


So lately, Kate is at that age where she likes to play by herself. So there are these sweet times during the day when I will look over and her little back will be turned to me and she will be playing so sweetly. She will coo and talk to her little babies, or she will dance to her musical toys. its truly one of those things that I always look at and just stop and smile. It makes me a little teary even sometimes. She is just so precious and sweet and innocent. She is happy and completely at ease and content with life when she is just sitting playing with her once again as I look at these pics and see her sweet little back turned to her little toys I think, these times are getting few and in between and I already miss them...

Friday, October 1, 2010

spaghetti night :)

So as Im uploading all the pictures I came across these, I took them in early september, the first time Kate had real spaghetti, and well every parent should let their baby have spaghetti at an early age, because it makes for fabulously funny and great pictures. So Im trying to be better about blogging...hope you like!