Saturday, October 30, 2010

the lack of pumpkin patches...

So I will say of some of the things I miss from Tyler. The Punkin Patch is one of them! There is a Fantastic patch in Tyler, where they have all sorts of fancy pumpkins, cinderella pumpkins and worty punkins and tall ones and fat ones and tiny in houston they are just orange and round. They are at the super market!! OR there is one day you can go to the fancy flower place here in town and they have a punkin patch, or until today when I find out there is a church that sells them, but yep they are just the orange and round ones...well anyways. Being that I am a connoisseur of sorts when it comes to pumpkins (I Have been known to spend $50+ dollars in years past on punkins) I have found that they are an important part to fall and halloween and well just life in general. I love me some punkins!!

ANyways we went to the fancy flower place and they had some hay bails up with flowers on them for picture taking...Kate was not too happy but she got over it and we had some fun! So that was about 3 weeks ago...haha Man Im behind! One day at a time right??

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