Monday, February 15, 2010

First snow...

So last week, Kate and I hadnt seen my momma and family in a while, so we decided to leave on wednesday and head out to Dallas. Little did I know that a little gift was awaiting me when we would get there. it was normal dallas when I went to bed, but early the next morning I wake up in a snowy wonderland! This is such a rarity for a Dallas, Texas girl! I mean it has snowed before, but not like this! we got 8 inches!! 8 INCHES people! the most dallas has ever seen!

So you are darn right I bundled my little munchkin up and out we went, yes it was too cold, yes I probably should have put a hat on her, yes Im a bad mom! BUT SHE WAS IN THE SNOW!!!! Its sooo great! So let me be and enjoy the fun pictures and her super cute Valentines bow (more to come of that later)

amazing how my blogs are now about bows and all baby! so weird! love you guys!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

should I be proud?

so for the last two weeks or so, Kate has been working on her hands...She sucks on them and holds them together and she is starting to paw at some things, its really cute. But the one thing I am not quite sure to be proud of is the fact that she can fit her entire fist into her mouth! Should I be proud of her? I mean in college this was not something a lady like Kate would be proud of, but I dont know what to do...I guess for now I will be proud that my little girl can fit her tiny hand in her tiny mouth...well done katers!

dang it!

So its been about 8 days! HOW COULD I DO THIS TO YOU!! haha Im so sorry grandmas and grandpas and everyone involved in my little ones life. She is getting SO big! I mean she is really getting a personality and just starting to play and grab things and all sorts of crazy stuff. Im loving it, but not loving it because she is getting older. I cant wait for all the fun stuff that is coming ahead, but I LOVE the baby stage...the cuddling, but she is just the smartest most fun baby!

Last weekend one of our VERY favorite couples came and stayed with us, it was SO nice to have some of our old friends here! It was good times and lots of laughs...we love you Muses! Here are some pics of us at the Houston Zoo! it was really great! Its quite funny when you see us 4 together, because Chris and I are the outgoing type and then we have our spouses Casey and Nick who arent so outgoing, but I feel like all four of us just balance out correctly...its SO fuN! ie, we spent about 30 minutes trying to find a parking space...suddenly we see a family walking to their car, Casey and I in the back seat are SCREAMING! NICK get the space! hurry uP!! GO GO GO!!! we get there, sit there for about 4 seconds with our blinker on, and these guys pull up behind the car, see us and THEN put on their blinker! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! Immediately Casey and I go into crazy girl mode, thankfully we got the space, but I think some of those men might have lost their lives if they had taken our spot. I had a flash back to Junior year in highschool in the Sam Moon Parking lot! It was a good time! hahaha I bring up this story because when we were done at the zoo and walking to our car there was a minivan in the middle of the parking lot with a Nasty I mean it looked like Man Poo Diaper Smeared across their van! I just have to say that those babies who belong to that poo I feel bad for because apparently their parents got so mad that they decided to do this, and secondly WHO DOES THAT!! I mean we would have been upset, but not That upset! anyways...theres my soap box for the day...I will forever be thankful for my parking spots, and my husband who has great parking lot patience. I hope to learn to be like that more.

This little dear was born the same day as kate!!! it was soo exciting! They were friends immediately!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Too much to blog about...

So its too late to blog about everything, we had a Fabulous weekend with our dear friends the Muses! so tomorrow will be a blog day for sure, but here is my sweet hubby, and our little Katers super bowling it up! They got really into it! YAY New Orleans Saints! I mean we lived kind of close to there so I was a little partial, even though that peyton manning isnt hard to look at...we were torn!

love you guys!

Monday, February 1, 2010

bath time...

So she is getting so big that bath time is now done, well in the bath tub! I know she really isnt that big, but...the sink is just a little to slippery, and the baby bath is just a little too Here she is..the infamous in the bath tub pics. I think she is probably the cutest bubble monster ever!