Sunday, February 7, 2010

Too much to blog about...

So its too late to blog about everything, we had a Fabulous weekend with our dear friends the Muses! so tomorrow will be a blog day for sure, but here is my sweet hubby, and our little Katers super bowling it up! They got really into it! YAY New Orleans Saints! I mean we lived kind of close to there so I was a little partial, even though that peyton manning isnt hard to look at...we were torn!

love you guys!


  1. I'm surprised--Nick usually boycotts football games, unless it is pronounced futbol! I guess the sight of Kate in eyeblack drew him in. Classic snoozing photo!

  2. oh my goodness, i LOVE you! you are the best mommy ever! let me tell you how happy it makes me that when you blog, you usually blog on this one and your photography which leaves me drooling over gorgeous Kate, reading your witty posts, AND jealous for the day I will get a nice camera and can try to halfway recreate your lovely photos. ;) i love and miss you. please email me or text me your new number again. i trashed all my inbox and then realized i hadn't saved your number. :)