Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rhea Christmas

So again here I am a little behind. ON the 10th! of December we were in Dallas, and had a Rhea Christmas. Our Christmas's are a little all of the Month of December these days, which makes it really fun and FULL of presents...So we all got together and had some great lunch and opened presents and enjoyed each other. Here are some pics of the day!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

old but super cute...

Being that I cant find my uploader thing to upload pics, because it is still packed away, I do have a few pics that are from thanksgiving time. When the Robbi family was here, we had a little christmas for Kate. It was too cute watching her help Poppa put the trike together. She Loves this thing. Every time she sees it in the garage or out and about she immediately goes to it and starts pulling it and looking at me like MOM!!! Lets get on the TRIKE!!! Come ON!! Its really funny! Anyways, here is her helping and riding in one of her presents.

Monday, November 29, 2010

as usual...

Its been a while...once this little one got mobile this has just been harder and harder to do :( Sorry you guys.

A couple of weeks ago we tried our first PB and J or as a friend of mine here in Kingwood calls them Peabodies..I thought that was adorable. ANY ways...she had her first one, and well of course I documented it. I cant tell you how cute and wonderful she is...just take a look I mean you all know...

And also to give you a little insight on what she is doing these days...she is talking ALOT, we say doggie all the time and now we bark and its probably my favorite thing she does. She also knows that when the screen door opens, that is probably daddy, so every time she hears it, she says Daddy? its SO cute! This weekend she started to shake her head to say not sure that i love this one quite yet, I mean do I really want her to know the word "No" yet?? oh geez. Yes I know. I have my hands full. She is really getting so big though, she is starting to look more like a little girl to me than a baby...her hair is coming in and she is thinning out just a little. UGH, its so sad, Im so excited for whats to come, but I already miss that squishy baby truly is TOO fast!

enjoy the Peabody all over her face! love you all!

OK once again having problems with the upload... CLICK HERE!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

my girls...

So then Jess and Clay came in that Saturday the 24th and they gave us some more gifts! I mean to tell you, this girl is LOVED! She had a birthday party, then the G-pa came with a fabulous surprise, and THEN her aunties (my girls) sent gifts and Jess and Clay came! just SO much love and fun for a birthday! I treasure these things because I know soon she will not be the only one, and my girls and family will get busier, so I know how amazing this time and all of this love is SOO wonderful! Thank you all SO MUCH!

But yes just so you know you are seeing all my girls on a onesie, and Yes Jessica made that freaking adorable tutu!! SOO great!

we will see if the site will let me upload today :(

and well it wont!

Here are the pics!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Great Surprise!

Speaking of Grandpas, Wednesday the 20th of October, the day this little one was born, My dad surprised us! I knew he was going to come, but I had NO idea what he was going to do. When we walked outside there was a GIANT pink box, with not only a super cute chair, some HUGE stuffed animals but a DAVIS was in there!!! WE were SOOO excited to see Davey, my DAD! AND then around the corner came my momma! IT was a big morning :) Such a great fun time, and something I was So surprised to see! Thank you all for coming and being there for Kates birthday. It made her day that much more special. Daddy thank you for thinking of her and wanting to surprise us, I know how difficult it is to rearrange schedules, and I always appreciate when you guys come down! IT means SO SOOO much to me, and that morning was the best! Thank you again and again for doing such a great thing for Kates birthday! WE love you SO much!

Here are some pics from the morning...enjoy! OK so of course when I want to upload all these pics its not letting me, So here is a link to all the fun pics from that day! We had such a great time! IT was fun looking back through the pic...

Its not letting me upload, so go here and see the pics!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

birthday #2

Poppa's birthday is on the 30th of October, Yes I realize I am that far behind, but I meant to do this on his birthday and unfortunately it didnt happen!

Poppa, is the best! He wakes up early with Katers when he is here, he loves her like crazy, he goes on VERY long walks with her and climbs up the stairs...he rides the moped with her, and he will teach her things that none of the rest of us can. I am so thankful for Dennis Robinson and all that he is to our little family. Thank you for being there, talking us through things and loving us and our little Kate the way you do. Hope you had a fabulous belated birthday!

Love you poppa!

Friday, November 5, 2010

so then...

After looking through most of the pics from the birthday party, Nicks mom and I decided we were not in enough pics with Kate and the family, So we set up a photo booth at the house and had our own fun! I think they came out great!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

and then...

We turned 1!!!

here are some more birthday pics from the crazy day/week of our little ones lives. It was such a week of festivities! Nicks momma and poppa came in on wednesday and the party began! Because I am an over acheiver we had to do this up Rachel style. I had been collecting ideas from blogs all over, and well when it was all said in done, yes I probably went a little overboard, but it was fun and So cute!! Kate had a great time, and everyone else seemed to have a good time as well! IT was all in all a great saturday before her real day!