Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Great Surprise!

Speaking of Grandpas, Wednesday the 20th of October, the day this little one was born, My dad surprised us! I knew he was going to come, but I had NO idea what he was going to do. When we walked outside there was a GIANT pink box, with not only a super cute chair, some HUGE stuffed animals but a DAVIS was in there!!! WE were SOOO excited to see Davey, my DAD! AND then around the corner came my momma! IT was a big morning :) Such a great fun time, and something I was So surprised to see! Thank you all for coming and being there for Kates birthday. It made her day that much more special. Daddy thank you for thinking of her and wanting to surprise us, I know how difficult it is to rearrange schedules, and I always appreciate when you guys come down! IT means SO SOOO much to me, and that morning was the best! Thank you again and again for doing such a great thing for Kates birthday! WE love you SO much!

Here are some pics from the morning...enjoy! OK so of course when I want to upload all these pics its not letting me, So here is a link to all the fun pics from that day! We had such a great time! IT was fun looking back through the pic...

Its not letting me upload, so go here and see the pics!!

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