Wednesday, November 3, 2010

and then...

We turned 1!!!

here are some more birthday pics from the crazy day/week of our little ones lives. It was such a week of festivities! Nicks momma and poppa came in on wednesday and the party began! Because I am an over acheiver we had to do this up Rachel style. I had been collecting ideas from blogs all over, and well when it was all said in done, yes I probably went a little overboard, but it was fun and So cute!! Kate had a great time, and everyone else seemed to have a good time as well! IT was all in all a great saturday before her real day!


  1. These are beautiful pictures Rachel! Will you throw me my next birthday party and we can use all the same decorations because I absolutely love them!!!!

  2. Wow -- Nick looks just like his dad! Anyway... very very cute party -- love it! I'll have to do a pumpkin thing for Mr. James next year... not so much pink though. :)