Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A big day!

Today is A BIG day in the Robinson household...Kate Crawled!!! It was Crazy! Nick had the afternoon off to help take care of her so that I could get some things done before we leave town, and while I was working she crawled. Now being the "Sweet" husband that he is, he let me still work and DIDNT TELL ME!! Till I got home later on!! But She did it again and it was all good, I was so happy that nick got to finally see a first for a change, but a little sad I wasnt here to see it myself!! I Cant believe it though people just a couple of days ago she started to rock, and now crawling, I dont think it will be long before she is walking!

Im SO proud of her, a little scared she will get hurt, and alot excited for all the fun things that are about to start happening! I just love this little girl! Miss you guys!

Here are some pics from sunday, in her precious mocked outfit...she is kind of showing her crawling capabilities...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

my momma..

So last week, Nick went on his first missions trip to Alabama, and My momma came to keep me company so that I wouldnt go absolutely crazy by myself. We had SUCH a great time! And we really didnt do much, but hang out, clean and she taught me how to use my sewing machine! Total girls week!

Here are some of the pics I took one of the days! Kate loves her Honey!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


So People its beginning...Shes starting to say things that actually mean words! She totally said Daddy, it was a little drawn out and kind of sung (which im not against, we are ALL about the singing in this house) But she for sure said Daddy! Im going to try to get it on video tomorrow, so you guys can hear it..its too precious for words.

We also had a date night tonight, and we saw Toy Story 3, not only was it amazing, but I cried like a little kid..nick did a little too, but really it was SO sweet and SOOO good. Im not going to be good when Katers leaves for college, and now I will have to keep all her toys and play with them every once in a while so that they still feel loved! (HA!) Nick and I both can remember those special toys in our lives that really were our best friends...and when we realized that part of our life is no more; well, its always a weird time. Finally realizing that you are an adult and its time for a new phase. Hard. and I wish that we could just play with our toys forever, but I guess sometimes you just have to put them away. I wont lie though, I think for me I will always want to play with toys, and I think that is a good thing.

one to keep you going...shes just the cutest thing IN the world right??

Thursday, June 24, 2010

today was good. today was fun. tomorrow is another one.

So we finally fit into our 9 month clothes!! Crazy! She turned 8 months old last sunday on fathers day! I woke up monday morning to find her standing up on one of the sides of the bed. And well today she officially sat up by herself!! I didnt help her sit up, I didnt pull her upright, I didnt do anything, but watch her FINALLY SIT UP! I then screech, scaring her to death and got really excited! It was fantastic! Im pretty sure she is going to crawl any day now...its unbelievable...that I had this little girl 8 months ago. She is so amazing, and I cant wait to see what else happens. Everyday is something great and new.

I hate that nick is away on his mission trip missing this, but he comes home tomorrow!!!!! Us girls have missed him SO much!

Here is a little dr. suess for those of you who might enjoy our little munchkin...i sure do!

Theres one in there, where she looks alot like him...its hilarious!

Friday, June 11, 2010

some ice cream

Of course she loved it, and yes I gave her sugar too early, but whats in all the fruit I give her. I mean come on people...she already turns her head at veggies and LOVEs the fruit, so I just let her try...and this is what it looked like...she is soo wonderful!

So about a week or so ago, I was eating a weight watchers ice cream pop, its oreos and cream and not that bad for you, and SUPER good! well Kate wouldnt let me eat it without pulling at it the ENTIRE time! So I said Fine, here try some, and it was the cutest thing EVER!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dads 50th!

So again a couple of weekends ago, My dad had his 50th Birthday!! It was a great time, it was nice to meet all his friends and bring in the 50th with him. mimi, debbie and kelly did a great job decorating and getting everything ready! It was a great party!

There werent as many pics as I thought, but Kate was not in the best mood, so it just shows! haha

Also they got these Really cool Jones sodas, that you can have made with whatever photo you want! it was SO cute!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

bad blogger

SO probably 2 weeks ago we went to dallas! Geez...I know behind again! Anyways...We went to dallas, got to see Uncle Davis and all the fam, and here are some pics!


Hey Everyone!
SO sorry once again for taking FOR EVER to get pics up and things out there...its been nuts around here. Its wedding season, and I am working like a mad woman, which is good, but unless you are a little baby named Kate or my camera, you are not getting any attention.

I have laundry piled high, house a mess, baby happy and food in her belly with tons of play time, but lets just say the house is not clean But pictures are edited and out to the brides! haha

Anyways, EXCITING news! We took family pics a couple weeks back with my sweet friend Angela, and they are DONE!! THEY are Fabulous! and this link doesnt even have all of them...I will upload more tomorrow...BUT Here are some of my sweet katers. You can download them straight from the site too, so just right click and they will be the large file that you can print. But if you would like to do one REAL big, let me know and I will fix Katers little scratches...she had some that day, but I can get them out real quick. So just let me know which ones you might want real big and I will doctor them up!

Love you guys so much! Go Check out my sweet family!

oh and please dont judge the really big girl in these pics...just look at the cute baby and the cute hubby! hehe love you!