Thursday, June 24, 2010

today was good. today was fun. tomorrow is another one.

So we finally fit into our 9 month clothes!! Crazy! She turned 8 months old last sunday on fathers day! I woke up monday morning to find her standing up on one of the sides of the bed. And well today she officially sat up by herself!! I didnt help her sit up, I didnt pull her upright, I didnt do anything, but watch her FINALLY SIT UP! I then screech, scaring her to death and got really excited! It was fantastic! Im pretty sure she is going to crawl any day now...its unbelievable...that I had this little girl 8 months ago. She is so amazing, and I cant wait to see what else happens. Everyday is something great and new.

I hate that nick is away on his mission trip missing this, but he comes home tomorrow!!!!! Us girls have missed him SO much!

Here is a little dr. suess for those of you who might enjoy our little munchkin...i sure do!

Theres one in there, where she looks alot like him...its hilarious!

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