Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A big day!

Today is A BIG day in the Robinson household...Kate Crawled!!! It was Crazy! Nick had the afternoon off to help take care of her so that I could get some things done before we leave town, and while I was working she crawled. Now being the "Sweet" husband that he is, he let me still work and DIDNT TELL ME!! Till I got home later on!! But She did it again and it was all good, I was so happy that nick got to finally see a first for a change, but a little sad I wasnt here to see it myself!! I Cant believe it though people just a couple of days ago she started to rock, and now crawling, I dont think it will be long before she is walking!

Im SO proud of her, a little scared she will get hurt, and alot excited for all the fun things that are about to start happening! I just love this little girl! Miss you guys!

Here are some pics from sunday, in her precious mocked outfit...she is kind of showing her crawling capabilities...


  1. so adorable. and we are so proud of our crawling baby - she will definitely be into some mischief now!! fun, fun!!!!

    love you so
    the gparents

  2. so exciting!!
    ok, so usually i'm a fan of the big fat, larger than your head bows but this petite tiny little bow is killing's so cute and precious. I love it. She is beautiful and growing and I love her!