Monday, July 26, 2010


its been a month. I apologize, but i have a cruising baby now, and well life is just a little crazier than normal. SUPER fun but crazy!

She is into everything, going to walk any day now, and talking up a storm. Nothing that really resembles a word, but she is letting us know about things left and right.

lets see...funny at the grocery store we were walking around, her talking and me saying the usual, "oh really?" "Tell me all about it" "what else you got girl" or "Hey girl, Heeeyyy!" When this sweet little old lady came up to see Kate and see how cute she is...(this by the way is something that the little old ladies do here in kingwood, on more than one occasion some of them have told me they come to the grocery store to see the babies :) too cute!) and well Kate just looked right at her and then started to blow bubbles at her. This sounds cute and sweet, but if you knew what blowing bubbles meant to kate, it means she purses her lips and then spits ALL over your face! And well, thats exactly what happened...and it was Really funny!

The LOL (little old lady) took it well, and just laughed it off and said she was going to be something to remember, and then walked off. And I thought, you know what, She is going to be Something to remember! My Katers, though now is the cute baby at the grocery that spit all over that LOL, she will grow up and be that something to remember. I am so blessed to be picked to be her momma to get to see this happen. Thank you Lord for this oppurtunity to praise you through loving our sweet girl.

Here are some pics from an impromptu photo shoot. I just loved her little outfit, so out came the camera:

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  1. oh dear me, i don't know how i can live without seeing this adorable child everyday. so precious of her little tippy toe feet and all the pics with amie dog. she is something to remember!!!!

    thank you a million times for blogging again!!