Saturday, August 21, 2010

10 months, walking...

Who knows what is next!! I cant believe it people I have a walking baby!! a couple of days ago she started like the falling steps, and yesterday we tried and it didnt really happen, so today we tried again, and Yes people there are STEPS!!! Yesterday was 10 months! Im already looking back and this time last year, we thought we were moving to Chicago, I was larger than a house! And we were living in Tyler. Fast forward 10 months, I got a walking baby, and we live in Kingwood, and we are LOVING IT! (even though it is hotter than the devils fingers here) we are loving it! Here are some pics that I neglected to post from a while ago...I was doing my makeup and well I turned to get some toilet paper, and this is what I saw! Love this baby!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

the beach day 2...

Auntie Kay Kay got kate this SUPER cute Jumper and well we wore it to the beach, and of course I had to take pics! ANd I think these may trump the first ones...I put more on facebook too! SO go check those out too!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

off to grandmas house we went!

So monday went and saw family, tuesday we went to the beach, wednesday we just hung out and thursday we went to univeral, friday we went and dropped nick at the airport to say goodbye :( and we picked up little Kayli :) and off to the grandparents house we went. Here are pics from our time there. It was so nice getting to see nicks grandparents! They are SO wonderful and soooo sweet to Kate. We had an incredible breakfast with chocalate rolls which are to DIE for, and then went shopping and THEN came home for a FEAST! It was great, Kate got to meet her little cousin Clark and they got to play the piano and hang out! It was a great time!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

bubble bubble :)

So we have new bathtime pics. She Loved her bath time at the grandparents house, Nice and big with LOTS of bubbles and of course TONS of attention. Two great things. She is getting so big! I cant believe it people. Look at the difference in the first bath time pics to now...shes turning into a little girl. I dont know how I feel about this.

it was pretty funny though, she was getting all excited and having fun and then lost her balance and well she caught herself, but look at the face she is making! Priceless!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Watermelons and sand...

Here is Day one!! We went to the beach the monday after we got into florida! It was SO fun, Kate was not really too into it, it was a good thing we went again, so Ill post those pics later. But as our first time to the beach where she understands what is actually going on, well, she didnt really like it. She loved LOVED the sand, but not too keen on the ocean and water hitting her little booty, and we went ahead and had a little photo shoot to make her a little more miserable. We also got to hang out with our cousins Stephen, Melissa and their little one Ashlyn, along with nicks aunt and uncle Greg and doree! It was fun to see Ashlyn and Kate interact the little bit that they did.

(oh and I Dont know why the pics wont upload in the order I put them in, but they are out of order and its messing up everything!!)