Saturday, August 21, 2010

10 months, walking...

Who knows what is next!! I cant believe it people I have a walking baby!! a couple of days ago she started like the falling steps, and yesterday we tried and it didnt really happen, so today we tried again, and Yes people there are STEPS!!! Yesterday was 10 months! Im already looking back and this time last year, we thought we were moving to Chicago, I was larger than a house! And we were living in Tyler. Fast forward 10 months, I got a walking baby, and we live in Kingwood, and we are LOVING IT! (even though it is hotter than the devils fingers here) we are loving it! Here are some pics that I neglected to post from a while ago...I was doing my makeup and well I turned to get some toilet paper, and this is what I saw! Love this baby!


  1. Just think... you were walking at 9 months and we fast forward a bit and look at you now. What a beauty and wonderful MOM. Love you so much, dad

  2. What a cutie!!! She is getting so big! I hope you are loving every second of it! Now that she is mobile... WATCH OUT! :)