Friday, August 13, 2010

Watermelons and sand...

Here is Day one!! We went to the beach the monday after we got into florida! It was SO fun, Kate was not really too into it, it was a good thing we went again, so Ill post those pics later. But as our first time to the beach where she understands what is actually going on, well, she didnt really like it. She loved LOVED the sand, but not too keen on the ocean and water hitting her little booty, and we went ahead and had a little photo shoot to make her a little more miserable. We also got to hang out with our cousins Stephen, Melissa and their little one Ashlyn, along with nicks aunt and uncle Greg and doree! It was fun to see Ashlyn and Kate interact the little bit that they did.

(oh and I Dont know why the pics wont upload in the order I put them in, but they are out of order and its messing up everything!!)


  1. oh let's do it again!! so much fun! I miss, miss, miss, miss you all!!!!!!

  2. On the next visit we'll have her bodysurfing! Love and miss all of you so much!!!!