Monday, July 26, 2010

Amie Dog

So In September of 2006 2 months before we got engaged, we purchased a sweet, crazy, rambuncious puppy. We named her Amie after this great song by Damien Rice, called well..Amie.

She moved with us to Tyler, and got a brother Da Jorge, then Georgie went to live on a farm, and she then experienced the change of her life. She went from being the beloved baby to the Dog...but little did she know that she was just getting a little buddy...Although the transition was a little tough for all of us, it has been amazing watching her and Kate slowly become the best of friends. Amie lets Kate love all over her, Amie gives Katers kisses all the time, and lets Kate just pull on her and pet her and most of all she loves playing with Kate. There is a toy of amies that kate loves, and Kate will swing it around and Amie very gently plays and tries to get it. Its So sweet how amie knows not to be too rough. She knows exactly how hard to take the toy or slightly knaw at it...anyways. Here is a post to amie, for being the best pup there is and for loving on her new found friend.

enjoy the pics of our distinguished almost 30 pup!

This pic stole my heart...its going to get blown up big for kates room! They are SO cute!

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