Saturday, November 26, 2011

Just a little more gingerbread...

So the next day, Kate wanted to get her sugar high down to what it was the day before, and lets just say she is one smart little cookie. we were all getting ready, and Kate was kind of running around playing, watching woody and hanging out, when suddenly it got just a little too quiet for my liking. If you have been to our house, you know there is a front room and that room has two doors that can be shut so that you cant see into the room. Well my super clever baby closed both doors and got on the chair at the end of the dining table and then proceeded to get on the table to devour more candy off of the gingerbread house...when I heard the quiet I saw this...and well couldnt help but take a pic...SO funny!!!

Thanksgiving Day!

Then on the actual day of Thanksgiving we ventured out to Pinehurst, Tx not too far from Kingwood to visit with my side of the family that is mostly from Tennessee. They are the Davis side of the family and they sure do know how to cook up a meal! Lets just say we werent missing a thing! It was SOOO good...I was stuffed to the gills for sure! But I thought you might like to see how we all looked that day, we got all spiffy and dressed up! It was a fun time :) A Big thanks to my "cousins" Connie and Bill for having our little family over for the big day!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Happenings...

Early in the week my mom and sweet little brother Davis came down....I cant tell you how great it was to have them here to hang out with my munchkin and just be with each other. My mom of course brought Kate a GingerBread house and all the dressings for it to look fantastic! Lets just say Kate loved it and made a huge mess, but it was WELL worth it! I think Kate probably had the most sugar she has ever had in her life that night...but oh well.