Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Hey Everyone!
SO sorry once again for taking FOR EVER to get pics up and things out there...its been nuts around here. Its wedding season, and I am working like a mad woman, which is good, but unless you are a little baby named Kate or my camera, you are not getting any attention.

I have laundry piled high, house a mess, baby happy and food in her belly with tons of play time, but lets just say the house is not clean But pictures are edited and out to the brides! haha

Anyways, EXCITING news! We took family pics a couple weeks back with my sweet friend Angela, and they are DONE!! THEY are Fabulous! and this link doesnt even have all of them...I will upload more tomorrow...BUT Here are some of my sweet katers. You can download them straight from the site too, so just right click and they will be the large file that you can print. But if you would like to do one REAL big, let me know and I will fix Katers little scratches...she had some that day, but I can get them out real quick. So just let me know which ones you might want real big and I will doctor them up!

Love you guys so much! Go Check out my sweet family!

oh and please dont judge the really big girl in these pics...just look at the cute baby and the cute hubby! hehe love you!

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