Saturday, June 26, 2010


So People its beginning...Shes starting to say things that actually mean words! She totally said Daddy, it was a little drawn out and kind of sung (which im not against, we are ALL about the singing in this house) But she for sure said Daddy! Im going to try to get it on video tomorrow, so you guys can hear it..its too precious for words.

We also had a date night tonight, and we saw Toy Story 3, not only was it amazing, but I cried like a little kid..nick did a little too, but really it was SO sweet and SOOO good. Im not going to be good when Katers leaves for college, and now I will have to keep all her toys and play with them every once in a while so that they still feel loved! (HA!) Nick and I both can remember those special toys in our lives that really were our best friends...and when we realized that part of our life is no more; well, its always a weird time. Finally realizing that you are an adult and its time for a new phase. Hard. and I wish that we could just play with our toys forever, but I guess sometimes you just have to put them away. I wont lie though, I think for me I will always want to play with toys, and I think that is a good thing.

one to keep you going...shes just the cutest thing IN the world right??

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  1. speaking of singing--IT'S TIME TO START SINGING OOM-PA-PA!!!!