Monday, November 29, 2010

as usual...

Its been a while...once this little one got mobile this has just been harder and harder to do :( Sorry you guys.

A couple of weeks ago we tried our first PB and J or as a friend of mine here in Kingwood calls them Peabodies..I thought that was adorable. ANY ways...she had her first one, and well of course I documented it. I cant tell you how cute and wonderful she is...just take a look I mean you all know...

And also to give you a little insight on what she is doing these days...she is talking ALOT, we say doggie all the time and now we bark and its probably my favorite thing she does. She also knows that when the screen door opens, that is probably daddy, so every time she hears it, she says Daddy? its SO cute! This weekend she started to shake her head to say not sure that i love this one quite yet, I mean do I really want her to know the word "No" yet?? oh geez. Yes I know. I have my hands full. She is really getting so big though, she is starting to look more like a little girl to me than a baby...her hair is coming in and she is thinning out just a little. UGH, its so sad, Im so excited for whats to come, but I already miss that squishy baby truly is TOO fast!

enjoy the Peabody all over her face! love you all!

OK once again having problems with the upload... CLICK HERE!

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