Wednesday, November 17, 2010

my girls...

So then Jess and Clay came in that Saturday the 24th and they gave us some more gifts! I mean to tell you, this girl is LOVED! She had a birthday party, then the G-pa came with a fabulous surprise, and THEN her aunties (my girls) sent gifts and Jess and Clay came! just SO much love and fun for a birthday! I treasure these things because I know soon she will not be the only one, and my girls and family will get busier, so I know how amazing this time and all of this love is SOO wonderful! Thank you all SO MUCH!

But yes just so you know you are seeing all my girls on a onesie, and Yes Jessica made that freaking adorable tutu!! SOO great!

we will see if the site will let me upload today :(

and well it wont!

Here are the pics!

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