Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Whats been going on...

I feel like I have left you guys in the dark a little. But with the whole chicago thing, we have really tried not to let too many people in on our new development, because to be honest all the questions about how it was going was about to drive me absolutely nuts! It was humbling and wonderful to know how many people were praying and loving us, but after the 500th person asked about it, I kind of wanted to scream a little. haha so with that, you should all know that nick has been talking to a church in Kingwood, TX.

We really like it, and they really like him. It is looking really REALLY good, and something that may happen. We will probably know tomorrow. its crazy within a literal month from now, my life may COMPLETELY change. This makes me excited, and a little nervous, and ALOT sad. We are going to miss our peeps here so much! But im not going to talk about that right now because it makes me VERY Sad...and its too late for me to start tearing anyways I will let you all know more tomorrow!

But to leave you with a fun story, our friend Rusty was nice enough to let us stay with him over the weekend in Houston, and we had such a good time. We have known rusty since our first summer at sky in 03, and he has become a good friend to not only nick but to myself. And if we do move to Kingwood, there will be many more Great times to be had with Mr. McKee! But like other men in our lives, Rusty's first holding of a small infant happened this weekend! And today we were chatting and he tells me that we left one of Kates tiny socks behind. But picture this: Rusty has two dogs, one is probably about 70 lbs and the other maybe 15 or 20...they found this sock, and remember its a TINY sock, one to fit a 7lb baby. And Rusty said he looks over and the dogs are fighting over this tiny sock! Just picturing this makes me giggle. Gotta love silly animals and tiny socks. (makes me miss george a little)

I mean what a sweet have to admit!

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