Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Aunt Stephanie...

I have decided that every once in a while I will let you all know about one of the many people the Lord has blessed me with, this idea started with Kates outfits. I know hard to believe that things in my life would revolve around clothes, but here we are.

Kate and I were VERY blessed to get some SUPER cute clothes at showers and things, and until just lately she hasnt been able to wear alot of them. Well the other day I took a chance and put her in this sweet little sweater dress that her Aunt Stephanie gave her. It was a hit, there is still some room to grow, but its sooo cute! I paired it with some fun little panty hose and a longsleeve shirt, because it was FREEZING, but it was REALLY CUTE!

Steph has been an intricate part in my life the last 7 years! WOW, long time. We met in college, had a year or so in there were we lost each other, but then came back, and she is one of my best friends. She is always there for me, whether I need a buddy to laugh with or cry, she is Always one I can count on. I cherish her as a friend and sister in my life. Its been such a special thing to have my sweet friends around, and see their love for Kate. anyways without me getting all choked up and starting to tear up, I will just say that I love me some steph, and I cant wait to see where the Lord takes our friendship for the next 7 years!

oh and notice how big she is getting!! Its crazy!


  1. OMG--Soooo cute! Can't wait to squeeze her!

  2. wow, i hope i can live up to all those sweet words, and i'm excited to see what the next 7 years hold for us! by then, you'll have a 7 year old little girl, and hopefully i'll have a 4-5 year old daughter who is in an arranged marriage with your 4-5 year old son. kidding, {but not really.} i love you honey!

  3. oh and i love that dress on her! it took me forever picking just the right one out!