Saturday, December 5, 2009

templates and baby leg warmers?

SO I need to figure out how to make these blog templates. I am just not happy with any of them. I got so excited for changing it to a Christmas template, that I guess I expected to much from the free blog template world. There just isnt anything that I JUST LOVE! Everything is just OK! Not good. So here we go Ill try this one for today, but Im not happy about it. Infact the wording that they for some reason insist on having on the side doesnt even lay right. I think im going to change it before the day is over. Geez!!

For now though I will leave you with new pictures of Kate, in what I think is one of my Favorite outfits she has worn to date. most of you might think it doesnt match, but IT DOES, that is so in right now...AND she finally fits into her LEG WARMERS!!

You should all know that now that her legs are getting bigger, this is going to be a staple in her wardrobe. since becoming pregnant, and hanging out with my friend Tiffany and her super cute little girl who wears them as well, I have been obsessed with baby leg warmers! Love them, so cute! SOO excited that they finally fit and the 5 pairs we already have (more are good too) can stop feeling bad about themselves and get used! YAY!

as you can tell by the yawn, she is very excited about it as well...

And to end today, here is a pic of us the other day while we were working on christmas pics for the other blog: check it out, being gangstas!