Saturday, December 19, 2009


So I feel like I have been leaving everyone in the dark. We are moving to Kingwood, Texas. It is about 30 minutes north of Houston, Texas. Nick was offered a job there at Kingwood United Methodist Church. We were so blessed to have an offer come in so quickly. WE really feel that the Lord is guiding us to this place, plus I am SO SO glad its still in Texas! Its really a great fit! Nick will be the youth director of Worship and Small Groups out there under the leadership of Mark Walz. He will also be helping out with assisting Mark with the Junior High. So really in a nut shell he will be the Assistant Youth Director! Its funny, because as I was praying for the right place for our little family, I kept thinking and hoping the Lord would put us in a church where nick could be under someone, so that he isnt just out there all alone. Being that he has never worked in an actual church church, and this position just fits the bill!

We have already gotten an apartment at Kings Cove check it out! They are so awesome!! we are going to get a two bedroom, and we would LOVE to have anyone out to visit!

But now that I have told you all the great stuff, I am telling you the truth when I say that my heart is sad as well. I am so excited that the Lord has trusted us to this new position, I know that the Lord is going to stretch and change us as we go, but being here in Tyler and with Sky Ranch, the Lord blessed us with AMAZING friends. I will never EVER have friends like the ones we have right now, and they will hold a VERY special place in my heart. Not saying that we wont keep in touch, but like a very close friend said not long ago...its just different when you are not living every day life with one another. I am going to be very sad to not be living life with these incredible people. But I love you all so much, and you know who you are. Ill get sappy in another blog, but for now, I love you all so much and Im getting sad just thinking about it.

I love you guys, but you BETTER come visit!

Bear with me guys, some of these pics are REALLY OLD!!

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  1. ahhh - the post i've been waiting for. thanks for sharing your words and such WONDERFUL photos! man. i love them. i love you guys! have a wonderful florida adventure :)