Tuesday, December 8, 2009

sad day....

so many things are happening in our little family, some exciting, some sad...yesterday was one of the sad days. We actually gave Georgie away. I have cried alot about this, but I know that its what we needed to do. He was and is such a wonderfully sweet little boy, and I am so sad that our little family couldnt keep him and keep loving him. But I have to know that he will be ok and loved with Don. Don Fleming, is the pastor of the last church nick and I were with in Mineola. He has a wonderful farm with tons of land and animals and fun things like that. Where George can run around and hang out with horses and follow Don on jobs, once he gets used to being outside, I know he is going to LOVE it! Shelby, Dons daughter is going to make life for Georgie very fun too, he loves kids, and she will love him good! I know he is going to be happy!

But I am just so sad, he was one of our little babies, and for a little part of his life he was greatly loved here. the funny thing is though, I dont think Amie even noticed! haha But I did. Today was very different only having one dog in the house. It definitly felt like something was missing.

So here are some pics of our little georgie...I know I will think of him all the time and hope that he is doing good!

And Marquita if you are reading, let me know little things about him, that will make me soo happy!


  1. rachel, I am so sad for you and at the same time very happy and blessed for the wonderful woman you have become. You are very special. The day you rescued George was a very good day for George and what you guys have done to make sure he is in the right place is another very good day for George.

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  3. Don and "Nick" are doing great! They are getting accustomed to each other and "Nick" is following Don all over the Ranch, so you can be sure he is having a great time. It was funny though, last night I left my car door open a bit while saying good bye and in hops "Nick"! I laughed so hard I thought I would cry! He was sitting in the front seat ready to go for a drive!

    For those of you who don't know, Don had fun with Nick telling him that we were going to call George "Nick" to remember Nick when he was gone.

  4. I thought I would give you an update. Shelby was down this past weekend and she has officially declared that we can not call George "Nick", so George is and will stay George. They absolutely love each other and it was fun watching them play together. I will take pictures next time and share them with you.

    By the way, George got in trouble Monday (not really). He got in some smelly poo somewhere and we had to give him a major bath! He was great though and stood still while we bathed him. You trained him well!