Tuesday, December 15, 2009


We are going to florida on friday for Christmas, and because we will not be with my side of the family we did our christmas this last weekend! It was REALLY fun and great to see family as always, Kate got some SUPER cute gifts, which you will see pics of soon! But here are some pics from mommas house, with the Incredible tree that I have grown up with, and then we were off to see the REAL santa claus on monday.

Now like you would think it is quite a deal to see the real santa, Thinking like any normal mall I could just go and get in line and get a picture we naively went up to Northpark and found out we were WRONG! Why would I think that the REAL santa would be so accessible. SO we go up to the grumpiest man EVER and find that we have to take a number, once our number shows up on the stand then we can get in line and at that point it will only be 20 minutes. But its 1:00 and santa needs a break (well deserved by the way, I dont know how he does it) at 2:00 and then another break at 5:00 and the guy doesnt really think we will be seen til around 7:00....and he was right! We got to see Santa at 7:15 and my sweet husband let all this happen and did it with a smile because he knows how important it is for me for little Kate to "believe" and he knows that we have to get a picture with the REAL santa....I just want everyone to see how hilarious her face is though! Priceless! love me some santa...and by the way this santa has been there for 20 years, I have pics with him from when we were little!


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  1. Your dad and I spoke this morning and he told me these pictures were "magical" and they are. I'm just now seeing them. So sweet and precious. Kate is "Heaven's perfect lamb" and I am the luckiest grandma in the world!!! Love her. Love ya'll and wish ALL of this and more for Debbie & Dennis when you get to Florida. They "need some baby" like Kate needed some Santa. Long overdue that you spend Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Robinson.
    Debbie - get ready! It's UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! Merry Christmas to ALL!