Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas at DISNEY!!!

Two things...I dont know if you know these things about me, and Nick, BUT we are still about 7 years old at heart. and WE LOVE DISNEY! This christmas we are going to Florida to see Nicks family (so excited!!) and when we go we are going to go to DISNEY!!!! SO today when I came home after running around with Katers, I turn on the travel channel while Im editing and guess what they are talking about....

Christmas at DISNEY!! I am very excited to see our family, but I AM VERY VERY excited to go to Disney at Christmas...I mean come on we all know its going to be INCREDIBLE! (i dont know how many more words in this post are going to be yelled, but there will probably be MORE)and its one of those things that not alot of people get to do...I feel SO blessed beyond belief, and SO EXCITED!! Needless to say, here is the video of the lighting of the castle, and I mean the video itself has changed my life! I cant wait to see it in person! And dont forget there is a giant tree at Epcot that is amazing, and in the England part they have a christmas party in the pub every night, and in all the other countries there are fun Christmas things for that country going on...EEEKKK im sooo excited!?!?


  1. the pressure! i can def get you guys in...and me...don't know about the whole family...def you and nick and kate plus one more ... and me...don't know yet about the whole family
    black out dates start christmas eve so we will have to get our butts there before then

  2. 1. Rach, I cannot tell you how EXCITED I was to watch that video! I mean, LOVE ITT!!! I forgot how much yall love Disney too, and I just realized we'll have to vacation together there one day!!! I mean for REAL!

    2. have you tried ... you can create your own CUTE things then save as a JPEG and upload as your can upload photos and stuff. they're adorable.

    3. I learned how to make inspiration boards...I'll forward you the links!

    4. Are you going to be in Dallas at all for the holidays?