Tuesday, December 1, 2009


We had a wonderful time at Thanksgiving! It was great to spend some good time with the family on both sides, alot of them got to see Kate for the first time, and just hanging out time was nice! Here are ALOT of pics from the week.

I have learned that when Nick is home I dont have as much time to think of silly blogs or things to take pictures of...I guess I get distracted! ha! I will try to be better when Christmas comes! EEK! I cant believe its so close...I think Im going to put up the christmas tree tomorrow! Crazy!

OH and dont judge me, these are the first pics of me since Kate, and its not looking too good yet, but at least Im in the pics right?

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  1. Awesome blog - the picture of Kate smiling is my new desktop background. And Rachel, you look great! See ya in a couple of weeks!!!