Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our New place...

So we have moved and officially been here for 10 days. We dont have any more boxes, and we are just about settled in. I have just a few more things to do, like make our room more like a room instead of a throw all, but the rest of the place is done, and SUPER GREAT!

Moving here I didnt know exactly how I felt, but as I sit here in my lovely apartment, and think of my family, and how blessed I am to have a mom who will come down in her busy schedule and work her little booty off to get the house pretty, or my sweet papa who came and helped us fix some things and hang some pictures, or my in laws who are sitting daily praying for our little family and all that is to come, and wishing that they could be here. For all our friends that we left in Tyler who also are praying, and loving us, again I will never have friends like you all again, and I thank you all for the last 4 years. And lastly for my sweet sweet husband, who loves me when Im crazy and freaking out over nothing, and my precious little baby who everyday blesses me with something new.

I am just so blessed. Thank you God for your blessings...

So here we go, here are some pics of the house! They arent that great, but its what you have all been waiting for, just know that there will be candles in the candle holders, there will be more pics on Katers walls, and all the pictures in the frames will be changed, and our room is going to Look MUCH better! haha


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