Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So Ive been tagged...

I have secretly always wanted to be tagged in one of these...and now the time has come and I am just not creative enough!

Anyways thanks to my sweet friend Lyndsey I am tagged, So heres the deal I have to list 10 things that make me happy and do one of them today, which means I will be doing it tomorrow because it is 822 pm and well I didnt do it today. I link some peeps and the one who sent it to me and then they pass it on!

ok so here we go:

1. listening to my baby's happy squeals
2. cuddling
3. pedicures
4. being with my family
5. relaxing baths with bubbles and candles
6. Gilmore girls and watching them with my hubby
7. photography-everything that has to do with it, LOVE it!
8. TJ Maxx
9. I cant stop singing that Revelation song
10. oh Burritos! I love like freebird style burritos, they are great!

OK those that are tagged...

Growingfreely my sweet friend Lyndsey
Sweet and Sassy, one of my truly AMAZING cool brides!
and I very highly doubt that nick will do this, but we will see my hubby!

and now I leave you with a picture of Kate thinking of all the changes she is going to make in the world...

take note: that little pudge over her diaper that is showing...Im not one to love a muffintop, but on this little munchkin, you just cant help it! haha love you all!

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  1. she actually is thinking about how much she misses her grandmother in florida!!!! the gma