Friday, January 8, 2010

not much to say...

so this weekend will be a time for lasts, sad hugs and goodbyes...Im not looking forward to it. Today is Nicks last day at sky ranch, and its going to be soo weird not having that place be a part of my daily knowings. We are having a goodbye party tonight which we all know is going to be TOO sad for words, and my house is packed. It truly hasnt hit me yet...but I know that my heart is sad to leave this place full of great memories and the best friends a person could ever have!

but on a lighter note...Kate spit up all over me and her, and it was too cute not to show you guys...i mean you cant be upsset with this little cutie!


  1. oh sweet friend. i'm so sad we had to miss tonight. you are so dear to my heart. I will for sure see you on Sunday. love.

  2. rach - i tagged you in my blog! check it out :)